⚡:Pixelgate City

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Unfortunately most people don’t read forums before playing a game so I would imagine most builders that find their way into pixel gate are most likely going to start building their giant Mario base without knowing there’s a build code. Ultimately it’s up to you whether you follow said rules. Out of respect for the founders of the beautiful pixe gate I encourage future potential builders to speak with them first. :sweat_smile:


Very true. Most just want to get into the game and experience it.

I’m sure this can be resolved quite easily and peacefully. Don’t sweat it too much @Dulki. :slight_smile: Welcome to Boundless!


Also I am still waiting for a blue buying table for oort shards in the temple. Please set that up so I can contribute shards that have already been converted.


I understand people not reading the forums wouldn’t know, but as I saw him comment on the thread, I guess he would’ve know.


Wow, no wonder you were practically begging me to come settle down in Pixelgate City! :joy: truly wow, what an eyecandy it is! :grin: I will most definitely be joining you there as soon as I’ve covered the basics of the game. I’m actually very closeby to those coords, but I’m currently also very busy digging through a mountain, lootin for some tech fragments. But as soon as I’m done after draining this mountain for it’s bountiful resources, I’m hoping there’s a place for me in your city. :wink:


Little correction, no one is begging anybody :wink: but glad you liked the work @Karokendo, me and plenty of others have put into the city.


Hahah dude, I was just joking! :stuck_out_tongue: thought that was obvious??


I was wanting to get a spot in the marketplace how can I meet up with you guys in person to request a spot? @Karokendo


You can take a screenshot of your selected location, have an idea of how many plots you’ll be taking, and a basic design you’re aiming for. You don’t have to do a blueprint, but any idea about the materials or what you want to do is enough. You can either tell us in here or send a message to @Karokendo or myself.


I am not sure what spots are open in the marketplace but I just want one plot and I was planning on using gleam stone on the base and corners of the plot. I am currently in the center of pixel gate by the marketplace if you want to talk in game.


@Dzchan94 that means karo will probably have to add him.

Jelders, still take a screenshot of the market plot that you want. There’s likely enough there to make it idividual in the market area, anything that’s not built on is open. There might be a single selling plinth, but if nothing’s built on top, nobody is using it as a shop


i didnt know until i read this. sorry!


Dear PG founders @Karokendo and @Dzchan94 and others of concern. A friend of mine has recently acquired Boundless and would like to build in PG. The circled area in the pic is where he wishes to build. I placed my own beacon there to reserve the spot for him temporarily but wanted to double Check with you guys. Is there any reason he can’t build there?


how many plots will your friend use, and what kind of build do you think they’re doing. (cuz DZ is busy with school work, he might show up later than expected, i’m just asking the questions he’ll want some answers to, to hopefully speed up the process)


Right now I reserved 2x3 plots and he was thinking about possibly doing a giant sword but that could quickly change.


so is it 3 plots along the road, and 2 plots backwards, or upwards, what’s the configuration, im kinda curious about the sword, ahven’t seen a monument like that in Boundless yet


Permission granted! :smiley: (as always)


Thank you kind sir :grin:


Hey, I’m about to get this game. Just looking for a guild to join first. May I join y’all once I figure out how to get there? I’ll do my experimental building outside the city so I don’t make a mess. If I can join, what server are y’all on?


I don’t think the guild function is in game yet. But, as far as Pixel Gate City, its on Solum which is a US East server. I am not sure what their requirements are on helping or joining on a grp build is, that is something you’d have to ask the city founder/s. Otherwise, its more of a case of find some place you like place your beacon/plots, and start building. There are many player cities distributed about the other planets, for details on the planets look here. For example, Dragons Watch (also in Solum), there was a city someone was starting that supposedly has a Venice theme to it (i forget the name), and then there is a port town, the currently trending Elop Portas of @Jeffrotheswell in Elopor, and there is the new town I am trying to start on Andooweem Tjentzu (Oceanic Server), and Therka Market in Therka a EU server, as well as I am sure there a a few other planets that presently do not have a city atm.

I think its more about respect to the city founders when you ask permission to build, as opposed to something enforced by game mechanics. But, that is the wonderful thing about this game - people (players) do that.

Note: Do use the search function on the forums to find the cities I have mentioned. Most player cities have a certain theme they are trying to capture.