⚡:Pixelgate City

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Thanks for the reply sir, and I like the mountain arch idea, assuming that’s not the part you want to ignore. Regardless, I like the idea of starting a fresh city. The server you’re on is in Australia though. I usually have time to play from 7:30-10:00 PM Eastern Time in the US on weeknights. Would that line up with your playtime?


Well, I hope to have a theme of houses hanging off cliffs and the suspended island, just because it would be something different from everyone else that are trying to build from the ground up. I am going the reverse, BUT I am not about to enforce it either. If people feel up to the challenge of building something out of the ordinary that defies convention then they may carry on. Afterall, you are playing your game NOT my game, so I am cool with that. I just had my first resident from EU there yesterday, he just dug into the water side at the moment. It was his first day, I warned him about the lag and he was OK with that. For me, pretty much does not bother me about the time you play, it is very appreciated that you are tryng to meet up to play but it is not necessary. After all, you may be playing a lone now, but as more pple come to build (assuming they come) you will have more pals to play with then. But, when you start of with people and gateway links around it just makes life so much easier in game. Especially in the current situation where on certain planets certain starter resources are seriously lacking (Solum is not one of them).

At the moment I am not working and I play on oceanic time, like probably 12 hours difference to you. If you think you can live with that then please by all means come build at Tjentzu, I will welcome that. But, I am equally OK if you want to pick some other place.

I hope I am not sounding rude to you, just wanted to lay it all out there so that you can make an informed choice.


I appreciate your being upfront with me, and no, it was not rude. I’ll let you know if I head your way or not. Thanks again!


No problem. I hope you will have a pleasant experience in Boundless.


We currently don’t have a guild yet, and just function as a city:

City rules (not in game, just out of respect)

  • Keep it ground level, the blocks colliding with the road need to be on the same level, and be sure to fill the borders of your build so that the future neighboring blocks with other people align. Just to keep it looking like a city.

  • Ask before you build, where you wanna do it, how big, what sort of style, etc. Any help you want? We’ll try to help with the design.

  • Consider it yourself, if the style you’re going fo alligns with your neightbors or the overall city, it’s hard to look out of place, but you can certainly can. We just want the city to look great and to have great builds around it.


Thank you sir. I appreciate the response.


I finally found you guys. I am apparently directionally challenged in this game. Anywho, I setup a base a bit outside the city in one of the sand hills. Thinking of making a skull face out of the mountain top like out of one of those pirate movies. Gotta get some resources sorted out first since my inventory is full from my trek all over the freakin place ;p I’ll let y’all know once I get some stuff ready to put into a shop or come up with a design I’d like to put into the city. Thanks for the response earlier, again.


Finally more or less finished the first floor of my build in town, however I’m trying to utilize low outside lighting in conjunction with Vulpto materials and Sapphire torches to make the inside look rather unique, and unfortunately the road-light positioned right in front of my door kind of jinxes it. Is there any possibility of getting it moved off to the side like I see with some of the other buildings?


I’ll get right to it :slight_smile:

Which one do you prefer?


Preferably the first, and thanks, this is much appreciated :D.

Edit: I suppose I should fill in the back parts of the plot with glass too, now that I think about it.


So it’s come time for this, finally finished my garden.

On other news, I won’t be working on more road construction or other builds.
Working on Pixel Gate has been fun, but I find more joy on my newest project, Elop Portas, where I will be building a water park.

I had my fair share of trouble for having rules on Pixel Gate, and some people didn’t like having rules, so just as I’m leaving, I wanted to say to whoever wanting to join Pixel Gate, I’m leaving it open to whoever wants to join, just like how Therka Market is open to anybody, style or building.

Pixel Gate can only go better or worse, hope it gets better.

I’m still gonna be around to power portals and help anybody that requests it, but my priority right now is on Elopor.

If you’re willing to follow the old rules, I guess you can contact @Karokendo.

But as for me, it’s time I moved on.

First Immature person in a while (forever)

Starting today. I’m not running Pixel Gate Portals any longer.

It’s a tough job to keep up with, and I think most people have figured out @Jeffrotheswell planetary station by now.

I appreciate the community help to keep it running for so long, specially @SilberB and @Cookviper and many others.

From now on, I’ll be helping Jeff with his portal line as always, and will like for people to do the same.

Portals will be running from one more week since today.


Totally understand. :+1:


Is shard cost the reason behind it?
@Jeffrotheswell This is for you too:
You could share cost per week to mantain all portals and some players, like me, could compromise shards to power it weekly.


weekly we use like 2500 shards


Ok… That’s a LOT.
I don’t even know how you guys keept all this long.


I get almost just enough donations to keep my line open with about an hour of hunting per week.
Surprisingly the coal cost is what kills me. That’s why shard donations are so nice :wink:


Definitely need to reduce the cost of maintaining portals :shard:


Yeah, coal is more of a pain. I actually find hunting for oort stones relaxing


Well…as I was so patiently helped to understand…large portal networks are meant to be supported by a community, NOT a single person. Although it can be done, it really should be supported by those who use it.