⚡:Pixelgate City

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That’s why getting the help from the community (donations) is greatly appreciated. And the reason why portal lines like PG’s and Jeff’s have kept running to this point.


I was spliting donations between Jeff’s and PG.
So all to Jeff’s now?
Oort Temple will feel so empty :confused:


Yes, all to Jeff


with footfall coming in from beacons you at least get a lot of money from all the people using them portals; I know it won’t create spark but at least gives an additional option of buying coal/shards/stones whatever will be most efficient choice to support donation side of the entire enterprise


you know, i’ve went to the Munteen VII to earn some exp and after two hours of hunting i got around 150 rough Oort stone. Don’t know if this is lot for you, Portals keepers, but for me it is. :scream:


180 oort stone is 2500 shards, which is lilke 100 days. 3 months


While that is alot of Oorstones, this is assuming that you can already mass extract the shards.


Problem is coal, oort stones is not that hard to acquire really


Soft coal isn’t that hard to come by. 100 compact soft coal should be quite easy to do in a couple of hours of mining, in the right locations. With the recent patch, it looks like its even more abundant now.


100 compact soft coal is still a metric f***ton of blocks to mine. Just burn the compact soft in a furnace and spark the medium/hard that is also super abundant now.

Work smarter not harder :wink:


I can’t find Pixelgate City. I’ve been to the coordinates on Solum US East and nothing. All I see throughout the Solum planet are small empty bases but no players? Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone play this game? Any advice is appreciated.


Press “.” and search for player position (x y z)
“-200 any 1800” is PG position on the map
x= -200
y = any
z = 1800


previous coordinates were written according to the debug menu and the location which displayed the exact information that the debug menu did. they changed the format so the location tab is no longer directly what the coordinates are. the debug menu show syou CAMERA_POS using the (EW, Elevation, NS) as its coordinate plane. match those and you’re good.


Thanks! I’ve found the city and It’s more beautiful than I thought! I needed to use the Cam Pos like you said. Thanks so much!


Creepy Trades is now open for business in the Desert section of PixelGate. :slight_smile: The building is 95% finished, so I figured it’s time to finally open. The wares are limited for the moment, but more will come soon!

The shop doubles as a monument to a strange creature I came across in my travels. I will never forget that encounter, and I wanted to share it with everyone else.


Oh, hey look! A new shop! I wonder what they sell…



This is how wars between species start. :frowning:


I just picked up the game today, and this looks like a really cool community project. I’ll try to come visit it soon, and maybe even build a house there


I know some of this info is old but i have used both the debug and location tab in game and matched the coordinates perfect yet i see no pixel gate could someone help possibly?


Pixelgate is the major city on Solum - it will be the orange marker on your compass. Also, there’s a bunch of portals in Pixelgate which are visible as teal markers on your compass from quite far away.