⚡:Pixelgate City

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Ok thanks i didnt know which colors ment which. I did wander at both locations, and the second time using the debug cords i looked at some other the newer PG pics but i didnt think any of them were PG


Astragalus Shwefer, is that anywhere near PG? It was the latest place i have discovered.


@RedDemption are you in game now?


yes, i am right now


Ok. I’m gonna come try to find you. What are your coordinates?


well ill give you both in game location and the debug menu, in-game location 2268N, -1312E \ debug menu -1313, -2269


Ok. I’m heading that way now. Are you moving or staying in one spot?


yea im sticking to one spot


Happy I was able to find you. Have fun exploring the city.


Hay @Stretchious my alt is building his home on the other side of this portal on the back side of the hub house. I notaced it only has 3 days charge. I will jump on tomorrow and leave a shard donation. Are you planning on keeping it up?


Yep, I’ll be on later tonight to refill it. I’d not realised that it was so low!


Pixel Gates will rise again !


Hi everyone! I am working on my house at Pixelgate, and would love to buy some Glue! Does anyone there have some to sell? Please message me here if you do! :smiley:
Thank you!


There are several shops you can visit. Munteen VII has one of the biggest. If you’re in pixel gate, try to locate the Jeff portal hub and the right portal will take you to vulpto, then if you turn left at the T Munteen shop will be up the stairs. Otherwise if you can’t find these shops I could sell you some but I have to cook them, currently I don’t have any made.


I have glue. I don’t remember how much, but I have some.

[time passes]

I have around 90-ish.


I’ll trot over to Pixelgate to see if I can find you.


Hello from my tiny little corner of Pixelgate! I would love to see others post a pic of their builds here, so i can get to know all of you! This is my little house i built to start :slight_smile: I am loving all the shops to buy supplies and tools, do you all log in to re supply them? I see a lot of empty ones! I would love to buy some cools stuff from you all and help our awesome community thrive!

Hope to see you in town! :peace_symbol::purple_heart::boundless:


Welcome to Pixelgate! ^^

Nice to see an increased interest in it… it has been a rather quite place for a time =(

im not on supper often… but my main house connects here and i use the Jeff’s portal hub for most of my travels so I pass through when i am on ^^


Awesome, I have seen your build and really love it!


Some of the roads in town went wild and got snapped up by someone called @zama. Unfortunately, some of the street in front of my house (which I recently acquired after it also went wild) has decayed/looted, and now there is a gap between my house and the street outside that falls below the streets.

Is there a way to get this fixed? A lot of PG seems to be decaying/going wild recently, so I did acquire a number of plots around my house. I could build a bypass, but I was hoping to build a small park or garden there.

I’d love to get buckets of water so I could make a fountain or pond, but that’s likely a different thread…