I need friends

I have only played for a few minutes and it’s boring cuz there is no competition or people to play within u want to join me reply and we will figure something out

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Which planet are you on, @NyanSkulls? I can point you in the direction of some community projects, or cities that welcome newcomers.

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Hold up lemme see

I am in therka

Ah, you’re from the EU then, I take it? Welcome to Boundless!

Therka Market is the largest ‘settlement’ on Therka. You can find it at 1252, 85, 1872 (you’ll find these coordinates in your locations tab)

From Therka Market, there are a quite a few portal hubs that will take you anywhere you want to go.

There’s Pixel Gate on Solum, that’s always looking to expand. Elop Portas on Elopor - with flowing water, delivered through their aqueducts! And a new town popping up on Andooweem.

Be sure to check the respective forum threads. Some of these towns have themes. As for Therka Market though, feel free to setup shop by any open road!


thank you…uhm how do i open the locations tab?xd

Press I on the keyboard to open your inventory. From there you should see locations at the top. Your current location will be listed in there.

@NyanSkulls yes. It is definitely very much easier and more convenient to build up your first beacon near an established gateway.