Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


We are working on a public market with shops at EU Therka server

> Time to expand your bussines to the universe!

You can make and place as many beacon-controller that you want

Come and grab your spot!

> EU - Therka - 1252, 85, 1872

Trying to find alot players in one place!
Let's create portal transition system across the universe!
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Another new shop at the marketplace


Another Shop!



Wooow :))) so beautiful. Good eye for color!
I could need some things, buuuut - I will work on my secret cavern (which is to be found below a tree hidden behind a mountain). I have problems figuring out crafting recipies, but maybe I’ll get the hang of it.
I’m also on Therka.


Hey share your cords !!! hugs there.


I complete mi shop and create a road !!! :slight_smile:


The rough coords are
-600/ 90 / 1700
If you won’t find, I’ll add the detailed coords :slight_smile:
Hugs gladly taken :blush:


Oh soo that your shop!! Nice to meet you!! :slight_smile:




Nice! You should be able to see the lights from my hillock cave from the other side of your tunnel as well!


Man thats a nice view!!!


I’ve opened a new store. I’m selling Power Cores (mainly) and I buy coal and ore. If you think my prices are too high, feel free to PM me and make a new offer :slight_smile:


I just started to make bricks, it swallow a lot of coal…


Thats awesome good job and welcome to the market!


nice your not far away from my castle. 1600 | | -1600


A snap form my shopping trip the other day


Hmm, looks nice so far. May be I come around soon and build up a small shop as well… Have 20 plots left, so I can use some of them (2x2, I know) :slight_smile:


I see the light :slight_smile: