Comprehensive list of player communities

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So after navigating the boundless community on steam I was left with a bittersweet taste in my mouth. Most players found the appeal to get the game, but after the first hours experiencing the game, they got disappointed at not finding the lovely settlements we have or finding nothing to do. So I decided why not make a thread that compiles all the settlements we have and introduce them to our awesome community, I don’t see why anyone would leave the game after that.

I understand how the first hours in the game can be rough, I didn’t get to meet a single person or understand what I was doing, only after seeing some videos on youtube and learning of But after you go through that hurdle, it’s all fun and a real boundless experience.

First things first, How to reach a settlement and know where you are?

You’ll find your planet on the upper part of your screen, it should say Solum, Berlyn, Therka or Vena V.

Next we proceed to navigating the map, You should be able to find yourself with pressing “.” twice, you’ll be entering debug mode, and there you’ll find “CAMERA POS” on your middle left, having three coordinates (XX,YY,ZZ) The most important ones being XX and ZZ, YY being height and not so important for finding a settlement.

After knowing your current coordinates and planet, you can further navigate to your planets settlement, at most cases, it should be connected by portals to other planets settlements, connecting you to the 12 planets we currently have.


Here should be a list of the current settlements


Pixel Gate Pixel Gate Thread

  • Coords (-200, YY, 1800)
  • Theme Everything you wish to make
  • Founder(s) Karokendo, Dzchan94
  • Rules/Guidelines None

Dragons Watch Dragons Watch Thread

  • Coords (1287, 65, 1011)
  • Theme Everything you wish to make
  • Founder(s) EldonTheNoble
  • Rules/Guidelines None


New Berlyn

  • Coords (-1704, 100, -139)
  • Theme Free Build
  • Founder(s) Havok40k
  • Rules/Guidelines Be awesome, my dudes.


Elop Portas Elop Portas Thread

  • Coords (-424, 89, 2100)
  • Theme The theme for this city is Mystic, Ancient, Lost gardens and Ruins with an emphasis on medium and large builds.
  • Founder(s) Jeffrotheswell, Xanotos, Enisledlady, ScracthnWiff
  • Rules/Guidelines Medium and large builds. Thematics


Therka Market Therka Market Thread

  • Coords (1252, 85, 1872)
  • Theme Everything goes
  • Founder(s) SpiritMIA
  • Rules/Guidelines None

Vena V


Tjentzu Tjentzu Thread

  • Coords (1017, 80, 375)
  • Theme Building with nature, hanging buildings. Countryside mixed with nice architecture. Lots of grass and leaves, combining perfectly with the landscape.
  • Founder(s) knigthsb
  • Rules/Guidelines

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, or any info, any settlement, etc. Please leave it down, and I would make this a wiki thread, so we can keep adding to it and modifying it.This should help cover the need for finding settlements for any new and experienced player.


Thank you much @Dzchan94
I just wanted to add that the Theme at Tjentzu is building with nature. Think countryside feel with nice architechure, like LOTR Hobbit with an Elven beauty blend. Use lots of grass and leaves. Like trying to make your buildings look like the landscape swallowed it partially. Unless you were trying to build a hanging building.


I tried to list settlements here, you know :slight_smile:


Oh, forgot about that post. But this post serves another purpose and wants to try to be more specific about diverse player settlements.


In the future the most prestigious communities will show up as markers on the planets when new players are selecting their spawn location. This will encourage and allow them to discover the best builds for themselves. It also allows them to select more remote locations if they prefer.

But I totally agree that getting new players connecting with the players already in the game is a priority, and one of the reasons we’ve implemented the prestige system.