Dragons Watch

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Hey Guys, So I am working on a town, Dragons Watch, and would like to invite anyone interested in coming to build! Dragons Watch is located on Solum at (1287, 65, 1011). I am just starting it and would love to find other people to build with! If interested come by!

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Nice flat area surrounded by icy hills and water for protection. A great place to start a community.


Hello I am pretty close to you I will help when I can


Wow, that really is a pleasant looking location


i will build a store over there then, might get some customers


woa lucky you :). i got befriended with another player in game and we gonna search for a sort of place like that only with lotsa trees closeby… i saw a swamp last time with a shitload of trees :slight_smile:


Cool i’ll stop by soon… Im fairly established at my current home but maybe i could set up a home-away-from-home / shop ^^


What blocks do you need to finish your idea?


what time do you get on to build EldonTheNoble. I would love to help build. I when you are on and continue later on in the day once I know what you want it to look like. also do what to use discord once we are there building?


ive been there :smiley: i think i had that location saves for a while because of the little pools at the base of that glacier . the view from the glacier is nice~


seeing the picture of that from way up… makes me wish that there was some sort of birds eye view shot that plays automatically when you discover a location


Hey guys, so this land has come under the leadership of the Eclipse religion. We are going to be building a town there. If you start building here to be a part of the town that would be great but we would like it to be a close quarters town, as in the buildings be close to each other and roads connecting it all filling in the area between all the buildings. My average time to be on on most days would be 6 - 10 pm (EST), those are times I am available but would not necessarily be on (other times I am at work). I am looking forward to this being a flourishing town!

-Eldon The Noble

New Oceania Player looking for guild/friends. (Australian server)

Hello, I’ve just started playing, at the moment I’ve only been doing some resource gathering, but no building yet, might look into moving up there.


Just placed my beacon after travelling for half an hour, let’s hope the place is good


i also placed a beacon for my shop. I’m often online so just tell me if the placement is not right. It’s the red and brown wood floor with lanterns.


hi good people of Dragons Watch,
This is your self proclaim official shop keeper. Maybe some have seen my shop that is in construction in the soon to be city. I wonder if it’s worth it to sell iron tools in town, i lowered my price to 35 coin for an iron tool and wonder if people will buy them oir if i should put something else to sell. Any special demands?

P.S. If you have spare time and want to make some coins, i’m buying rocks, coal, fossil, soils and bones


I’m new again after being gone for the last 54 releases. I often livestream, and I think it’d be cool to help out here and there. I was in the process of building a bridge over a pond, but I’m down for relocating closeby to dragon’s watch, so I can see all the awesomeness.


Rocks plinth needs more coin :slight_smile: I am working on selling out your other plinths


Very good prices, so feels good to shop there


I opened my Gleam Shop.

Selling Refined Gleam (White, Yellow, Blue, Red) and Gleam Lanterns (Blue, Red) and some Location Markers.