Looking for a community/clan to join

I am looking for a community/clan to join. I am mostly interested in exploration/mining and the new update basically makes it impossible to play with just a handful of people unless you are all high level.

Currently I am on Solum but have no issue moving to another planet if need be.


In Solum I recommend you to join Pixel Gate:

But you can join either Tjentzu:

Or Elop Portas:

These are fairly active settlements, but there are plenty more, for instance you can find people nearly anytime in the market of Therka too:

There are no real clans yet, maybe little friend-parties, but joining a larger, more active settlement will help you meet other players, and they are mostly helpful (if they are not in a hurry).


If you want be a part of something, Proxima is up and coming. We have just above 10 villagers at the moment with most being very active across all time zones. At ~ -1900N +600E, we are growing everyday and welcome any new villagers with help and friendship. Message if you want more info.

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where is Proxima located? has it been connected to any of the markets/portal networks yet? :slight_smile:

We have a few portals open ourselves, to less populated parts of the planets. We are a 5 minute walk from Pixelgate markets.