Auto chisel

A machine that automatically shuffles inserted blocks using Chisel and any fuel, or changes the block type.


I would love a machine that I could mass change rocks or woods.

I would build 100s!

Same here! Yikes!

We need something like this to mass change type of blocks. Would be nice to queue it over night then the other day you have the right type of blocks to place!

Would like a machine where you place a changer chisel type of block in it that will use its durability to change the block + power usage. i think it would be a good balance.

Yes, use power or spark to use, and have to place in chisels like you would coal for a fuel.
I have placed 15k bricks in a current build, having to change them all. And I aint even at 10% done yet.

Even if there was a way to use a chisel on a stack or smart stack would be awesome.

Sorry, need to pull this up from cobwebs.
Some ideas and additional issues.

Said machine could look like the spray paint machine.
But instead of a spray thingy (brain mush can’t find the word) it would have a chisel.

Connected to spark or use of other fuel source one can put a chisel* in the tool slot and blocks in the material slot(s).
After you have done that you get a “shape menu**” to make a selection of the desired shape.
Start the machine and chiseled blocks ar the end result.

For example you selected half slaps.
You wil then see these in your inventory (maybe with a full block outline). You can place them as intended and when you break them you get a full block back.

Precies or regular matters.
Transform maybe an option? Instead of forged chisel.
Lattice might be a tough one as thickness and bevel/square are a factor in it.

Shape menu**
This can be simple or difficult depending on how placing the chiseled blocks would work.
If its set for example the half slap is a top (bottom chiseled) in the machine. Can it then only placed as “top half slap”? If so thats an additional chisel chioce that is added in to the shape menu.
Also does rotation play a roll when fabricated or not.


It is the same ratio of chisel usage as you would have with your character once it starts the craft (Or without the skill bonus not sure if it’s possible with).
And do think no xp gain when you use the machine.
As you already gain time not spend chiseling those blocks.

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LOL yes please. Just add it to the machine that already takes a stack of blocks and some input materials - and applies those materials to the blocks.

After the changing function though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Put a little edit in :wink: as i just thought of it.

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Good catch and you make a fair point.

The machine shouldn’t have your skill epic - durability at least. This affects both actions.

Precise chisel epic or what it’s called would need to affect the menu options available to you, though.

No XP gain from the machine. Together with the (potential) durability loss it’s a small price and many of us would pay it for the convenience.

I feel like there’s a huge dev barrier to the shaping that doesn’t exist for the changing. They’ll have to define and introduce tools for stacking, handling and placing pre-shaped blocks. It’s a big barrier, vs put in one type/color and take out another type/color.

OFC I joke about it and post that old photoshop a lot but I have no actual idea how hard it would be to add a different type of processing to that machine at all. It seems like “decrement spray count” and “assign new color” is going to flow very smoothly into “decrement tool durability” and “assign new type” to give us a changing machine. Sometimes things just aren’t that simple though.

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All we can do is hope we get something that is kind of like it at the very least :wink:.

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but you are aware you chisel blocks differently depends of which side you want to chisel and depeds it you chiseling it from above, from side or from below? no machine replace you in chiseling


Very aware :wink: i eat chisels for breakfast :joy::rofl::joy: thats why i also added that additional chisel optons needed to be added if the blocks where set in position.
Also mentioned orientation because if it’s orientation locked that woul mean 4 options instead of 1

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my fair opinion - i dont like this machine, i love running around and looking what others can make using chisels, its a real mastery :smiley:

building with already chiseled blocks? HELL NO why?

remember Fante’s Gleam Universe? what was archieved there using only marble gleam and chisel?