So you want me to go to a whole different planet, on a different Alt than finding Diamonds, just to farm Gold and Silver only. It sounds like just more and more grinding.

Tho if it is so common, and so easy. How about you go farm me some, and I’ll pay you, since it’s so very easy, 3c per ore.


silver is common only under low terrain, gold only under desert. u could mine diamonds at a place where both is not common. and titanium rate is about what u reported, maybe u had a bit bad luck or something… but with those small numbers u cant make a good statistic anyway. u will never find silver where u find diamonds. just read the knowledge tab

and silver is badly needed for machined silver in the coils


Uhh… Contradiction? Unless Cliffs and Hills are Deserts, and low Terrain, tho I remember those cliffs being pretty tall and needing a high tier Grapple to Navagate without risk of falling into the Lava, or lots of rocks on hand.

But you’re kinda proving my point. The different resources are found in different locations, at different alt, it’s nearly impossible to farm all of them at the same location. So to farm them, you HAVE to split up, and dedicate time specifically to farming each one.

But instead of just moving up in location along with Tier, aka Just moving on from Iron to Silver, then Silver to Gold. You have farm Twice as much. You have to Farm for both Silver/Gold, and for Iron to make the Alloy. Even if the Alloy Mass Crafts many extras, it still doesn’t negate extra work, when they could have just used Silver and Gold Bars alone, and not needed Iron at all. The fact they keep forcing you to use Iron, to keep grinding for it on top of a much harder to make Recipie, is BAD.

The point of Progressing, is to make things easier. But Going from Iron Tool, breaking every 20 minutes on just 1 dig site location, to Silver Tools, breaking every 25 minutes, and having to farm at 2 or more different dig sites, just isn’t worth it. At all. Unless Silver Tools literally had double the Durability, to be able to support farming both Iron and Silver, instead of just Silver or just Iron, it will never be worth it.


Please. Stop. Posting.


u werent in alcyon yet. yes cliffs under the desert. The whole terrain is broken up


This thread is to give feedback about the Balances. The Devs literally said:

So I gave what I thought. And why I thought that. I’m sorry if my line of thinking, and frustrations with the game, doesn’t line up with @Shadesmar and @sztosz 's experiences with the game.

I think I went there once, to Mine. T6 Lava planet with Diamonds, need 4 points into Blast Defense? Or Maybe I’ve thinking of another T6 planet that starts with A. Not sure. But yeah, looking at your picture, I was no where near any of that. I used the Ultima Hub to get to the planet I visited, and it had massive pillar cliffs in a lake of Lava


You literally shitposted in a topic about how nice someone was to craft tool for someone else and show around his base. You are a troll. Simple.


Finding stuff in this game isn’t hard nor is it hard for you to get those things. Crafting stuff isn’t hard.

If you want to do anything significant in this game at any decent scale, you have to put the time and effort into getting the stuff you need.

The only thing I’d like to see change is how standard power coils require Refined Gem. I get why it does cause you can make them with a character that hasn’t picked up any crafting skill points, but I think the process it takes to get a single Refined Gem probably isn’t needed for a standard power coil. Perhaps it could be change to just Compact Gems.

Balance for the most part seems to be fine from a crafting recipe point of view. From a point of view of how many recipes a single raw material is used in is a completely different story.

But what do I know? :man_shrugging:


alcyon has a broken crust down to the mantle nearly everywhere… or at least giant caves up to near the surface, which is on average higher than on other planets. magnificent view :D. gonna build a dragon nest there or something


Or maybe bombs may or may not destroy resources. The damage done by bombs to resources is maybe fairly random so they have a chance of still being there but you also have a chance of losing it. Means it’s a bit more risky but maybe a potential for higher reward, while hammer mining is much less risky and more reliable but usually gives you fewer resources for time and materials spent


By definition if bombs give more resources per time and material spent, then they’re out of balance and calling it ‘riksy’ is facetious at best. In one sentence, you’re calling bombs ‘risky’ while in the other saying that they should give more resources. Can’t have it both ways.

Now if it’s done such as that in any given hour worth of mining, with roughly the same resources spent, bomb mining can give 50 or 150 gems for that hour, and hammers always give 100 gems per hour for the same resources spent, then that’s balanced.

However, being ‘balanced’ would still leave most people that complain about the bomb mining changes unhappy, because most of 'em want bombs that are cheaper, faster and have superior yields compared to pure hammer mining in 100% of situations.

  • Add the fourth and fifth skill branches.
  • Add crop, cattle.
  • If have beacon there is no prestige-Glim club his not prolongs.
  • Enter the ability to rotate portals 90 degrees (1x2)

Sorry for literacy, use Google translator. :0



I have different opinion than yours.
Forge Bomb mining had same efficient to find gems as forge hammer before.
People just didn’t know how to forge a nice aoe hammers, we only spent time to create the best way for bomb mining before.
Now after bomb mining “removed”, we start to find the new way which the “new hammer mining” is created.
It’s even more powerful and easier compared to bomb mining in old patch.

With the rank 360 hammer (aoe lvl 4 + damage lvl 9 + action speed lvl 7- 9) you can get following materials:

  • its 400+ gems in 45 mins.
  • of course u can get other resource as well ( gold / silver / coal…etc)
  • You can get a lot of rocks to use to lvl up new char
  • A lot of exp (lvl 50 character increase 1 lvl / 45 min grind)
  • A lot of fragment which bomb mining you can’t get any (saltpetre …etc)
  • Hammer can use longer, so you don’t need to forge the new one frequently.

Also in compare, new hammer mining is easier to build up.
( you don’t need to calculate correct skill set for mining)
Same amount gems you can get in 1 hour compare to bomb mining.

The difference will be for the mid level players ( around level 30 -35)
The basic titanium bomb is > than any hammer without forge.
but the problem is basic hammers sucks not unforge bomb too strong.
(Average 180 gems in 2 hour grind for basic bomb before with “correct skill build” )
Also this why in current patch mid players said there is a gem wall (because basic hammer sucks)
But if you use the garbage aoe gem hammer to grind (without damage buff), you can get 130 around in 1 hour as well.

Devs have been heading to wrong direction because they feel the problem is on bomb mining
( which is wrong)

The problems are the stupid forge system which is really hard to do the balance.
(either too powerful or useless)
Every forge gears are way over power. (axe / shovel / regen bomb / sling bows / grapples…etc)

Before when we are still in alpha beta, why no one crying for bomb mining too op ?
Because it was not, and the diamond hammer has aoe effect without the forge (no forge system)
Without the forge system bomb mining just an average grind rate / hour.

They should buff the basic hammer instead of removed the bomb mining.
Right now its way to hard for new / mid players to gather gems without buying any hammer in market.
And way too easy for old / ea players to gather gems.

The funnest thing is the forge hammer never get buffed at all, but now people get the same or even more amount of gems by using the forge hammer which we could forged it when bomb mining haven’t been “removed”. (just no one can tell how to forge it)

So please, bring up the bomb mining again without any nerf, and buff the basic hammer.
( i am really tired of seeing a lot of rocks drop on my face, its really make my eyes tired)
Right now the reason you “removed” the bomb mining is really ridiculous, because hammer was op too, just no one knows it. (Include devs).
If bomb mining needs to “removed” because its too easy for gem gathering by the forge bomb, how you guys feel about the current hammer mining ? (much powerful / easier) Should it be removed as well ?
(Personally i hope not) Also how come no one says its exploid ? Just because its a hammer not bomb ?

This will be my last command about bomb mining, for me and other ea players its really not a big deal at all.
I just somehow curious why you guys want to punish new /mid players. (by making them harder to find gems)

Its your games which i don’t really care how you guys do the balance.
but a lot of new / mid players can’t stay longer that is an issue you guys need to think about.

This game had such great potential before, but now the population drop way too fast…
Even during Early access i found more people in portal hub.
Right now it makes me feel like i am back to the end of the alpha beta ( which everyone quit for the wipe)


That’s basically what I meant. If you get unlucky and the bombs destroy a lot of the resources you’re looking for, you’ll end up with 50. If they don’t, you’ll end up with 150 (or whatever numbers). So you might waste a lot of materials and not get much compared to hammer or you might get a lot. High risk high reward


do whatever you want but dont nerf iron tools please they perfect