'bargain' totems

Some leftovers, some new ones. So far i managed to make 3 with 3x3 and +35 speed but I’m keeping those :stuck_out_tongue:

These are in my forgery, Lanternlight Forge. All of them have some amount of magnet on them.

If you don’t know where it’s at you can come one of several ways:

  • Sunken Storage portal in the PS Biitula hub
  • Raxxa planetary portal in the TNT Megahub, use the ‘shop’ portal to your left
  • Lantern Gardens portal at the raxxa PS, Ultima, or Hubbit hubs, use the ‘shop’ portal to your left

Any of those routes will get you to the “Lanternlight Forge” portal in my main shop Or you can use the shop scanner to find it.

Prices on those range from 2k to 5999 I think -sorted by usefulness as they all cost a bunch to forge. I’ll make more attempts to forge during the week.


These do really make a difference for gleambows