BAY Mart


May us introduce the new and (almost) complete shopping center called BAY Mart. We have a lot to offer in a friendly and funky environment, including our popular Slice.

When you see this sign from far, you are on the right path.


It’s a bit of a maze with cozy corners letting you experience various styles and atmosphere.


I don’t know why derpy typos make me laugh like an idiot, but they’re so much better when they still sort of work as a sentence.

I know too well how screenshots never do builds justice, but these screenshots are looking mighty impressive! I’ll hop in-game and visit this place just as soon as I get chance!

Edit; you’re where @TIGERMAIKS street used to be, right?


Yes. Just on the ridge above it. Depending on the angle you approach it from you may see this sign:

EDIT: typo fixed; I hate typos in my posts. :smiling_imp: especially if they kinda make sense :joy:


Oh! That Gleam pitchfork logo is yours? I spotted this the other day as @Heureka was showing me the latest builds at the Market.

I hope you have some good deals!


For me it looks like Poseidons Harpoon.


Ah, good call! Isn’t that a trident?


yeah i mean’t that but forgot what were right name for it derps


That’s right - it’s a trident. I call it a fork though;)

@Arkefyre built that and it’s a logo of ArkeBound ( future guild or a company), of which Bay Mart is a subsidiary. Kinda. :grin: So the trident is going to be all over company builds but Bay mart logo only on the shops.


Its the greek letter Psi ? maybe


It’s a mystery :wink:


Very nice! You already have your future logo planned. Have you tried it out on Boundless Crafting?

Another thought; that red, white and green colour scheme always reminds me of Christmas, which reminds me of shopping - so it’s very fitting.


The glyph exists too. Just not used in game yet. Maybe if we have glyph blocks that can be customized sometime in future, we would craft them and place them in our builds.


Bay Mart gets busier again after a longer break. Meantime you people bought most of stuff we had for sale providing over 100k in coins.

Thank you very much to all our customers!! :sunglasses::heart_eyes::sunglasses::heart_eyes:

To remind you - we are in Therka Market - next to famous Plaza and behind the ice temple:

Selling now:

gem tools & weapons: 3.000 c
gold tools & weapons: 600 c
copper/iron tools & weapons: 30 c
dark blood: 5 c
fossil extract: 5c


we want diamond tools! :smiley:


no diamond - sorry spoygg :scream:


No worries, just putting it out there. Love the shop design :two_hearts:


thanks :slight_smile:

as for choice of gem tools - well, everything went over last 2 months or so and we only started playing again recently so no time to replenish stock :blush:


I’m sure you’ll get there :+1:


Some funky color refined rocks added on top floor under the shop sign, also glass on sale on the floor below that.

refined rocks: 5c
glass: 10c

Also buying coal for price of 5, 10 and 20 coins for soft, medium and hard respectively.