BAY Mart


Not sure if this will help you or not but that’s too low! :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for info - ive been away so long I can be out of touch price-wise;

I remember buying coal for 1, 2 and 5 with no problem.


Ohh. Well it seems like things have changed a lot. I’m a coal miner so I’ve looked at couple of request baskets. Price is along the line of 7, 17, and 45. :grin:


thanks for help :sunglasses:
I’ll change it although I dont think that high - I mine myself and since I invested in Luck,an hour mining on 3rd tier world brings me 300+ in soft and medium together and (depending on area and my willingness to exercise) 10-30 hard coal. Multiple drops made it quite fast now.
I have a feeling that comparing to 3 months ago, I will be able to provide most coal myself.


It is indeed the most profitable resource for me so I’m grabbing this opportunity and mining mostly coals :slight_smile:
It’s just that it’s used everywhere and you can never just have “too much coal” so everyone is willing to spend more for some more… I guess… I’m not crafting anything so I’m not one to talk about that probably. :rofl:


And it’s time to introduce The Leap Of Faith - a Holy Path To Special Offers.

To find our hidden shop stands offering some 30 to 60% discount on a choice of our main shop items, you will have to take a trip to @boundmore (that’s me, yay!) main settlement. There is this small portal at the foot of Bay Mart:

After going through turn left to see entrance to Tara: a house in the mountain.
(There are request baskets paying 4c for shards if you have any on you, I’ll be happy to get some to help the portals going).

When you enter the mainentrance, turn right to the temple gate:

Inside the temple, you will find a well - The Leap Of Faith itself.

Do you have the faith to jump in?
If you do, and if you survive the jump, you will find yourself in The Copper Room with 2 shop stands offering some 30% discount.
You can climb your way back up the well if you have 2 grapples and you know how to use them.


…there are 3 more rooms offering even better deals. Two more are hidden inside the mountain, above The Copper Room. The last sits on the mountain’s side and is located above the temple, providing an easy jump down come back to where you begin the trip through the rooms.
If you figure out how to transfer yourself between the rooms* (they are all closed and have no way out apart from the last one, that leads back to the beginning), you will have a chance to buy items for really good prices.

Here is the progression of rooms (discount rates approximate):

  1. The Copper Room: 30% discount.
  2. The Iron Room: 40% discount.
  3. The Silver Room: 50% discount.
  4. The Golden Room: 60% discount.
    The Golden Room offers 5c for your shards, should you have some on you. That will help run the portals in Tara.

if you find shop stands empty, it means someone was there before you. You will have to come back some other day.

*Tip on how to move through the rooms: Sanctum is the key.

NOTE There are only so many items available in any given time. Think about others and don’t buy everything for yourself. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in advance! :innocent:

P.S. You can read more on my main settlement here:


Half of the special offer in Tara (via Leap Of faith) are still available, including gem tools for less than 2000 coins!!

In our main shop in Therka Market we are selling topaz and ruby hammers for 3000 each (3300 with tax) as well as titanium hammers for 1200 (1320).


Fossil extract back in stock and selling for 5c (full stack of 891 available).

Healing brews also available for very competitive price of 40c.


Healing brews now at very competitive price of 30c.

Buying coal at 10/20/50c.


A new delivery of gold/titanium tools:

gold hammers/slingbows: 600c
titanium hammers/shovels/slingbows: 1200c

prices before tax


A new delivery of silver/gold/titanium tools and new lower prices:

silver chisels/hammers/slingbows: 220c
gold hammers/slingbows: 550c
titanium hammers/shovels/slingbows: 1100c

(prices include tax)


Ruby and amethyst are in stock:

hammers/slings - 3520 c (after full tax)



titanium slingbows: 1100c
ruby hammers: 3520c
amethyst shovels: 3520c

soft/medium/hard coal: 12/25/50c (2 plinths with 5000c budget each)



gold hammer: 550c

sign module: 11c
glass: 22c
door piece: 10c

decorative stone: 15c
refined rock: 5c

fossil extract: 5c

healing brew: 30c

soft/medium/hard coal: 12/25/50c (2 plinths with 5000c budget each)


BAY Mart getting signs and some organized shape.
More items for sale as well.


thank you for placing beacons and protecting the shop - I completely lost track of time and didnt control the beacon was expiring (the main beacon wasnt mine so I couldnt see the time in my list of beacons)


The best place to find me if you want them back is to DM me on Discord. :innocent:


SUPER PRICES!! (as always)
restocked again on some goods at least:

gem hammers: 3850c
titanium hammers/slings:1100c
silver tools: 660c
gold tools: 880c
copper/iron tools: 44c

healing brew: 26c
dark blood: 2c

fossil/bone extract: 5c

exotic colors of refined stones: 5c

EDIT: well, gem hammers didn’t last long :wink:


NOW also range of colorful decorative stones of all kind:
14c each (check the top floor of the Prop House, just under the Bay Mart blue sign)


Sadly, I only got there when there were two left. And they weren’t there when I left :wink:

Restock again at those prices and I have a feeling it’ll happen again!