BAY Mart


My prices are low cause I craft from what I mine myself. If I had to buy materials from people I would end up with prices around 4.5-5k for gem tools I guess.

Sadly, providing gems and coal for myself means I restock only every fortnight (at least if it comes to gem tools).


All tools (from copper to gem) gone and sold - thank you all for your business :sunglasses:

now restocked copper/iron tools as well as some silver and gold items
also more fossil extract (last batch sold out)
prices of all above remain unchanged

added sign modules in Prop House - 55c (three colors available)


… you’re somehow out of sign modules and storage blocks all of a sudden… :wink:


glass available now - 30c
more exotic refined rock of Nasharil descent on sale - 5c


bunch of ruby hammers/slings/grapples just added: 4070c


So this is why we haven’t moved many gem items recently…

You have mighty fine deals! :joy:



I provide all gems/coal/fossil/dark blood myself through hunting and mining, so I only have a bunch of gem tools every fortnight or even less often; so, you will still sell things whenever I have “dry” weeks and empty plinths. :wink:


Diamond tools available for 4070c each!!

Lower floor of the Prop House is a Second Hand section now.

At the moment you can find 3 used gem axes there.
Price depends on their durability left and it’s between 110c and 990c.


It was weird. I got there and there were like 5 diamond hammers, I turned around and they were gone. I dunno what happened. Honest. :wink:

Nope, no axes. They seem to have somehow ‘vanished’ also. :wink:

:+1: on the shop, and the prices :slight_smile:


well, sapphire tools coming now - all usual 4070c


Second Hand offers gem shovels:
220c for nearly broken, 990c for barely used.


silver grapples: 660c
gold grapples/hammers: 880c
gem hammers/slings/grapples: 3700c (sapphire/topaz/emerald/amethyst in stock)


I moved grapples to its own area away from other tools and restocked with some fresh stuff - 4070k as before


oh hope you still have one never had a gem axe


Are gem axes good?


no gem tools other than hammer/sling/grapple these days lads

soft/medium/hard: 15/60/120c (budget: 50.000 in two baskets)

BUYING RAW GEMS: 250c (budget: 100.000)


silver 660c
gold 880c
gem 4070c

gem 4070c

silver 660c
gold 880c


Usual selection of REFINED ROCK (5c) and DECORATIVE STONE (14c).

Buying gems and coal. Budget for both is 50k now.
Thank to all who brought their business to us and sold their stuff. :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


More gem hammers and slings. Also some gem grapples available. 3.850 - 4.070c

Restocked refined rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic from top tier worlds). 5c

More coins in request baskets so bring your gems and coal to sell!!


Silver/gold tools and weapons: 660/880c

second hand
iron grapples (5c)/just below 50%
emerald grapple (100c)/nearly destroyed
sapphire chisel (100c)/nearly destroyed



I found some time and motivation to re-stock our lovely shop.

On sale now:
gem hammers, grapples and slingbows: 4444c
silver/gold hammers and grapples: 400c
refined rocks both home and exotic: 5c & 7c
decorative rocks both home and exotic: 15c & 20c

Ok what did I miss?


soft/medium/hard coal: 7/20/50c
rough gems: 240c