Beacon Expired without notification

There are several chunks on Lasaina wont regen at all. All of them are 3 plots newbie houses lol

No clue. I didn’t look at the location.

Can we split this topic? It has nothing to do with OP. @somebody

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Love all my fellow oortians but yes please can we stick to the main reason of this post… I just want to figure out why this issue happened before I start losing more of my friends places…

Thank you :slight_smile:

Not sure why you would not be getting any notifications when you had them in the past. It could be that there was some sort of edge case being triggered, either on your character or the beacon itself.

Where was the location and the world where the beacon was at? Maybe @blake or @james could look into it.

Thank you for getting back to me. I’m currently at work so I will have to get the locations after. It is really odd… I was getting the nofications since day one and all of a sudden I lost three of their builds. Could it maybe be because they haven’t played in like 6-8 months?


The city is on Angel I… PS network Angel I portal takes you directly to my city (Lil’ Porkchop). It’s two locations not three since the third one now houses the Angel I PS hub… unless I’m missing something… First one was about 2 months back and the second snapshot is the latest one… The first one I have plotted with my plots and the second one my friend has plotted it so we could save the area… Co-ords to both locations at the bottom right corner…

First location…

Second location (current incident)

Just worried that I may lose more so I’m checking all beacons daily even though they are saved on my beacon list…

@blake @james

Those coordinates do not seem to go to the locations in the screenshots:

Although looking at the information again, the player game positions are listed as -608N 1 486 E and -230N 1 755E respectively. The number 1 between the two directions is not listed on my side. Have you set the game to a certain language or anything like that?

@vdragon that is really odd… it’s how I always get my locations and it’s been spot on. I will be online in about an hr or so and have a look… it’s on Angel I and the ps hub (off of grovidias te) takes you right to the city.

Edit: I just left the game everything to default with english language.

@vdragon just realized what you did now that I see your snapshots on my pc… you didn’t enter the coords correctly… East coords are in the thousands and you entered in the hundreds…

Hopefully I’ve entered the correct numbers. Are these the areas in questions?

@vdragon yes they are. The first one I plotted under my character and the second one is now plotted under my friend Jerec to save the area. Let me know if there is anything else needed from my end… thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for confirming.

I have one question about the areas as they currently are. As there are mostly flat, were the ash blocks left behind at the time mined and collected, or just disappeared due to regen?

@vdragon the smaller area I caught what was left of the area in ash form… From what my friend told me (Jerec) he said it was all regenerated back to it’s flat form.

Okay, thanks for confirming that as well.

I’m still not sure why you wouldn’t be getting notifications, but I’ve added this to our database anyway so that we at least have a record of this.

As you said in a previous post, it’s good to hear that the reclaim system is working, but at the same time it would take a while to rebuild everything again.


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@vdragon thank you for taking the time to look into this. I’m just worried other beacons in my city may do the same so now I’m constantly checking them. Also is there a limit on how many beacons you can have saved on your character’s list to get notifications?

I’m not sure about any limits.

@james @lucadeltodecso do you know?

I’ve no idea if this applies to other people’s beacons in your list, or just your owned beacons.

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