Beacon fuel and marauding

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With an eye on @Karokendo’s “Beacon Protection system v2”
But I think we need a simple system that fit with lore.

We all know that the beacon fuel coming. And here’s the thing: i don’t know how it will be but if the beacon just disappear there would be a moral problem of marauding. There would be left a lot of stuff without owner. And then appear a temptation to take these things. And here is my suggestion to avoid that unhealthy thing:
when the fuel is ended, the timer is started for a some period of time, say 1 month. After that, in the volume of plots belonging to this beacon, blocks one by one will begin to disappear. The disappearance of blocks starts from raw to rare in order or simply randomly. Only the blocks installed by the player must be removed. This is necessary to avoid clearing a huge space when the player simply plot big territory. Second-last disappear storage units with all stuff in. And the cycle ends with the disappearance of the beacon. The final cleaning is done after a standard renew of the territory.

For huge buildings like the Oort Temple I suggest add a guild beacon that will allow all guild members to add cells to it and only the guild master can remove them. When someone spontaneously leaving the guild, all his plots added to the guild beacon are frozen and closed for him before the moment when the guild keeper or master do not removed them.

Also we need mechanics that allow installed beacon in the field of action of the other automatically intercepts all functions of the first if it will be removed.

P.S. If there are mistakes in the text, please do not abuse me, english is not my main language.