Beacon Perm - Remove owner building perms

Would like to see the ability to remove owners ability to build on own settlement. A toggle feature on beacon, I’m tired of accidently destroying a build that I have finished. Please add this type of feature.


Protecting (parts of) beaconed area would be nice :slight_smile:

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This would be nice but also probably a lot harder to implement than just being able to turn off your own builder permissions at the beacon control.

I would very much like to see this.


Make beacons and plots belong to the account, not a specific char. Now you can assign permissions to whichever of your chars you like.


This right here. That would probably be a solution to many things. I accidentally destroyed our sap/bark farm. Fixed now but it was a pain.


I NUKED MY OWN EXO GARDEN ;-; I’m sad now.

Definitely on board for this, only upsides and a big quality of life change for many.

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Would also be useful for farms if you only have one char, or just want to farm with the plot owner…