Beacon - Placed Blocks Into Holding Area On Leaving Game


Or, ya know, they can just pay for gleam club and keep their stuff too???


That is too much to pay to take a break from a game.

At this moment the game punishes you for having to take time away and I feel that is unfair. To me around $10 would be fair for a one year break but Gleam Club would be far more than that if you paid for a year.

Also, please calm it on the attitude. People responding to stuff similar to how you do on here makes it not very fun to share ideas on the forums.


How the cool down work when they come back sooner then they pay a fine?


I kept the solution simple to illustrate the general idea that a record of blocks within even a very large build wouldn’t necessarily have to be a large block of code, and, of course, an encrypted cloud type storage would be needed.
Also I think this was more aimed at the people who would leave a game, not thinking they would return, so not piling on gleam clubs before hand.
During my time playing wow I left and returned a few times before I eventually kicked the habit. Even after deleting toons I was able to beg them to resurrect my characters.after a few weeks


Again my other comment comes into play about players not wanting to spend more on the game. Especially the younger crowd would have a hard time getting the money for that.


Yeah that is one of the biggest problems with the game - the community. Sometimes it is good but sometimes people come in and create problems in threads and make it almost impossible to have a constructive conversation. It is sad to see how helpful people in the community can be but then turn around and push people away with bad comments or rip apart ideas just because they fear they might lose their edge in the game or a million other reasons.


Not sure you’d need to decrypt it either, there’d likely be other ways to be naughty.


Encryption exists for a reason and because it is overall safe if correctly done. You cannot edit the contents when encrypted - because it is wrapped in encryption.

Yes there “could” be ways to break through the encryption if the developers do not approach things correctly. But it is really crazy to have such concern around this issue and file solution when any person that clearly could overcome the technical challenges here would be able to overall hack the game and take advantage of things on a much larger level.

Additionally for those that talk about “editing a text file” - it is ridiculous to assume that the file would be text. It would be a binary file or some other type of method that they decided to use exactly for that reason - so it could not be edited. Hence why I even mentioned the possibility of hex editing things.


We can stop talking about encryption as we would never store anything like this on the client. (You can continue talking about encryption for fun!)

Only the server has authority - independent of any client/server security model that could be implemented.


:+1: to that. Though, IMO, speculating on the technical implementation is a bit of a distraction, and the devs are in the best place to know what is feasible or not.

I think it’s best to focus on how we think the game’s mechanics could/should be changed


I didn’t think it’d be client side. I was just pointing out encrypting it locally wouldn’t solve all of those kinds of problems. :slight_smile:


Here is the main challenge IMO, assume there is a mechanism for gathering up the contents of a beacon - say it gathers all stored items and machine contents. Beacons can be huge. 1 beacon could cover the entire world. So storage in beacons can also be huge. It could contain many 1,000s of items. Let us assume this is all bundled up and stored for a lapsed player for when they return. They return.

What is the interface that returns these 1,000s of items?

  • Is it a 6x6 storage GUI with N pages, that can be flipped between?
  • Is it a 8xN mega inventory that scrolls as required?
  • Is it a Matrix style “guns, lots of gun” construct storage?

How does the player manipulate this huge list of items back into their inventory and into the world?

(Alternative random idea - the beacon contents is liquidated and we convert all items into coin via the Economy Machine prices. This value is added to their balance. No mega storage or mega inventory required. If they return they can go shopping for everything.)


A variation on the first possibility sounds good to me. With tabs everything could be easier to find what you are looking for.

The coin idea sounds interesting, but will spark some rage if prices spike. A player getting 2500c per power coil and coming back to 10,000c prices would be very unhappy.


I would vote for the coin option if anything was offered at all. You are already storing the coin data for each character so you are adding very little data to storage. I still think it is too bad this would remove scavaging as something to do in the game, but that is up to you.

This cuts both ways they can be happy if prices drop or unhappy if they spike. In any case it certainly avoids data storage issues and the need to come up with an interface to return large inventories. At least a player is getting something when they return. They are never going to be in the same position as the players that stayed. New machines and blocks may have been introduced that might have rendered some of what they had obsolete. The city they were in may have moved. The portal network they relied on may have closed. The shops they used may be selling different items. New planets may have spawned. Their guild may have different leaders. The universe is not going to be placed on hold and therefore is not going to be the same. It is certainly better than what they get now when they leave the game.


Maybe we could have random ‘builds’ appear that players could stumble across while exploring. Special items could be included. Kind of a no combat meteor.


Personally, I think if they decide to do this, we have to take the removal of scavenging as the cost. It is one thing to have the player build something that goes wild. It is another to have the developers spend time creating random builds. Also again, player complaints “How come the build I found was not loaded with gem tools like the one Vurtadelic found?”. Why even create the headache for a group already working pretty hard?


I personally found scavenging abandoned builds to be one of the more exciting things to do in Minecraft and even games like ark survival. It’s just another way to play a game no different then finding buried treasure sometimes you find good stuff other times you find dirt.


I vote to let the builds sit dormant for a week so players have time to find them and loot them before they get swallowed back into the planet.
I really dislike systems that allow players to keep there stuff they had after they decided to leave the game for a period of time. This game offers great mechanics for you to keep your stuff. Either pay for gleam club. Or get some good beacon fuel and turn the game on and refuel your beacon 4 or 5 times a year.


I’d like it the most if regen worked like normal, but when it claims a mesh block (storage, machine etc), store the items. When returning, have a portal in the sanctum for the “guns, lost of guns” style storage that will be available for a week or so. Just my preference :smiley:


I understand why you disagree with keeping stuff for people who decide to quit the game.

I quit the game because I lost all of my stuff when my beacon regenerated. Not because I wanted to quit the game entirely but because I took a break to play another game for a while. My mistake was that I missed the email reminder and I had miscalculated how much time I had left on my beacon. I returned to find my castle very nearly gone completely through regeneration and all my stored resources and machines lost. I don’t even think anyone managed to benefit from my mistake!

I wasn’t cross with the game, I was cross with myself for letting this happen.

I still follow the game and do get the urge to return when I see a new update. What has stopped me from returning is that I know how long it took me to build up all the machines and resources that I had and I honestly can’t be bothered to put all that effort in again when I know it could all just disappear if I take another break for a while. I know I should have been more careful about refuelling my beacons but this is a game and I don’t want to feel punished by it.

I would love to have some sort of saved storage for things in storage blocks and machines. It would also be great to have the machines themselves stored as well but I guess I could live with losing them. The blocks that are part of the build itself should be lost as there has to be some sort of regeneration and this would still allow for looting as some blocks are quite time consuming to make.

I really want to return to Boundless some day but every time I think about logging on I remember how much grind there was to make my castle build. I don’t want to have to spend hours and hours replacing the resources I lost before I can get back to the building I love.

I’m sure there is a way to make storage an attractive option only if you need a break. Just meaning that it only works one way would probably be good enough. If stuff comes out it stays out.

On another note, is there going to be an offline mode so that my builds could be permanent? I’m sure I read something like that.

Thanks for reading my very long text splurge,