Beacon Visualization

I was busy expanding my beacon and noticed that the plot-visualization (that works like a charm for open areas) becomes quite inconvenient once you want to build near, or into cliffs,caves, etc.
Allowing the outlines of the beacon to glow through any surface could significantly improve the readability of the beacon-visualization for such cases:

Would it be possible/desirable to allow the outlines of beacons to shine through natural materials?

A device to visualize your (or others) beacons without the disruptive green “to be placed” plot would also be tremendously handy :grin:


We’re in the process of building our HUD and this is one of the areas we want to tackle. I’ll double-check, but we do plan on implementing the outline of the plot when it passes through a surface.

Can you give an example (screenshot) of your PS to make sure there is no confusion? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a rather situational problem so it’s hard to catch it in a screenshot, but I’ll give explaining it a shot:

What I wanted to propose is something that visualizes your beacon (without the green “to be placed” plot) without occupying both your hands. To allow you to build while also seeing the outlines of your beacon,

It’s a small and nitpicky thing, that’s why I put it into the PS.


Ah I am with you.

Yeah, we should resolve that issue by not requiring a two handed item to see your plots


you can see your plots (and those of others) if you are holding another beacon controller, which is a one handed item

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