Beacons don't expire?

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So… This beacon has been in “Reclaiming status” for several hours… But uhh… With it’s 10-plots, it shouldn’t take this long? Did something break?

Do I just not understand? It’s 16:31 my time, this expired beacon time wise about 6 hours ago.

That’s odd. I think there’s a small time frame that someone can put fuel in it to stop it, but I don’t know if that’s what happened here.

maybe… but… multiple hours?

As an update, Beacon is still not expiring.

This has been an hour since I posted. so I would assume for the 10-plots something is wrong… What is said buffer for between a beacon expires… and it actually starts to reclaim?

Note: This beacon’s fire still is glitched to show, yet from inside the beacon it shows 0 time, and it says “unfueled”

We had this the other day with another member’s build it sat for 12 hours in the “Reclaiming” status. I put fuel into the beacon to see if I could fix it, but I fear this is not going to ever reclaim.

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@james :keycap_ten:

Maybe the cheat code to never have an fully expired beacon is adding Eternal to you character name lol :rofl:


Can some character besides the beacon owner break any of the blocks? Just curious, since it looks like the builder view shows the plots as actively beaconed.

Even with a campfire I don’t know a situation where a beacon controller should show both “owned by” and “unfuelled”.

No, nothing can be broken. When I hit the plots it goes “BONG” like the denied sound.


Even as the beacon owner?


Could it be the beacon glitch we seen a update ago. The beacon would state not fueled but was actually fueled? Do you know any other beacons this person owns?

This is the second time this has happened recently. The other person it happened to the beacon sat for 12-hours in “relcaiming” status… and it was 9 plots.

I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I put fuel in it to see if it would let me ‘claim’ it, and it added more time to the beacon.

The player has stopped playing, Players name is XCal.

I wonder if older beacons take precedence perhaps. Maybe they have 20 beacons and it’s going from oldest to newest? Does anyone know if the reclaim system works this way?

Thats a good question… except XCal only has 2 beacons… And both did the same thing

Then it must be the word “Eternal” in the character name. Everyone exploit found! Endless gleamclub at no cost!

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Further update.

It has been 11 hours since this topic was created, and the beacon is still in the same state.

For 10 plots, this is the worlds longest reclaim. I worry if this happens on normal worlds, would this also happen on rentable planets where it gets in a loop of forever reclaiming, and when the planet poofs so does everything else?

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That doesn’t seem right. Thanks for the report and screenshots, it’s been added to the bug database.

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My friends beacon has expired been in reclaiming status for a 2 3 weeks now. I know he’s never coming back @james @vdragon

Do you have the world, coordinates and screenshots for the location in question?

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Thanks for reporting this. We think we have fixed the issue and it will be included in the next update.


I’ll pm it when I log on