Beacons still expire? :(


So, I don’t believe I’ve ever posted on the Boundless forums before, but I feel compelled to do so for the first time. Please know that my intentions are meant to be taken as positive suggestions, and I don’t want my tone to be perceived incorrectly. With that said I’m a little frustrated as I write this post.

This game has been out for a good while now. I personally purchased it in December 2018. Let me tell you I was super excited to play and potentially immerse myself in this game.

I have quite a bit of downtime and I play numerous games, including Boundless. However, for the second time of (off and on) playing Boundless, and taking a short (40 day) hiatus, I have returned to check my base and alas, it’s all gone. All of it. I realize that if I had friends :frowning: or was involved in the community I could have had someone potentially check on my beacon and refuel it. But, to be honest I’m not one to reach out to meet people and I tend to keep to myself. I like to be a solo player, I enjoy accomplishing things on my own. So, I didn’t have anyone to ask to check my beacon fuel while I was away.

I also realize that when you fuel it, you get 3 weeks or so to come back and repeat the process again, but I’m an adult and I forgot. It’s only been about 40 days since my last login to refuel, and it’s disheartening to realize that within those couple days that I didn’t manage to login my stuff has been reset/removed/looted(?).

So, in closing, the real reason I am writing this thread is to suggest that beacons be done away with. OR some other solution is given to players so that they can store their base/items elsewhere without the need to regularly login to make sure their stuff is still there. I’m not going to start over (again) because I know this will just happen again, and I don’t want to keep starting off as basically a new player every time. I’d like the option to know that my hard work and items will be safe without having to continuously check back in every few weeks.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I wanted to post so that developers know this is something on MY mind as a player. I would be really excited to come back and play if I knew there was a way to store my items/workstations somewhere infinitely safe. I don’t know if this has happened to other players who have invested much more time than me, but if it has I truly sympathize for your loss(es).

Thank you for hearing me out, and I’ll watch game updates in the future to see if any changes have been made to beacons or the way bases are saved.

P.s I read something about a “reclaim” option coming up in the future, is this true? Does anyone know how this will work? Will I be able to reclaim my base(s)? Thank you~


There are three tiers of beacon fuel, lasting 4, 8 and 12 16 WEEKS based on tier.

In addition, the devs are working on a “reclaim” system that’s going to be added into testing in the coming days.

The “reclaim” system protects any items in a beacon if it goes wild, allowing the orinigal owner to get them back without loosing them. While the build itself is lost, all the items that were inside it are saved.

Beacons expiring is a necessary evil for the game - without it large areas of planets would be filled up with random beacons, and before long it would be extremely difficult to claim a large area on ANY planet. However with this change it dosen’t need to be so punishing for players.


Ah okay! thank you for answering my question about the reclaim system! Personally, I’m not big on that concept/idea, but! it’s definitely a step in a good direction.

The tier beacon fuel I was using was only good for I believe 4 weeks or a little under 4 weeks. I didn’t realize I could go any higher than that.


If you like I can give you thirty 12-week fuels so you can never run out of fuel again, or give you any items you may have lost if it helps.


I can understand what you mean by the necessary evil. I mostly play survival type games, and they all do have that in common where after a set amount of time that a player doesn’t login, their base or items will disappear. I just think that this system on boundless is unforgiving since it takes so long to achieve a decent base (terraform, etc). I hope that makes sense, haha.

As for the offer for the free items, no it’s okay. I do appreciate that though!! I think again, I’ll just be on my way to play something else for the time being. I’m just truly disappointed at this point I think.

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Thought 16 was longest

Edit: @Vansten just checked by fueling a friends beacon and it is 16 weeks for greater

Right… it is, my bad. I always confuse the time ahahah

That’s fair, and I agree. When I first started I it was a major roadblock for me.

In the end I told myself that I would just set a reminder to refuel, but eventually I just said screw it and bought gleam club, that autofuels beacons. But I like to think Id remember to fuel them even without this.


How does the gleam club work, is that a one time purchase or a monthly subscription, if you don’t mind me asking?

You can buy it monthly or purchase a bigger amount to have it last longer.

They sell it in 30 days($4.99 usd), 90 days($12.99 usd), and 180 days($24.99 usd)and they stack so you could buy 3 years worth if you wanted at one time


Alright, I’ll check prices. Thanks :)!

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Its a monthly subscription, the main benefits are the autofuel beacons, custom color text on signs, and free character color and body change.

180 days costs $37 AUS, or about $22 US, so I saw it as worthwhile given how much I played the game.


For 180 days, that sounds reasonable. Thank you for giving me that info, I was just searching for it, and couldn’t find it online. I may consider that.


You can only purchase within the game far as I know. (Tho exceptions have been made where someone couldn’t get on or someone else bought GC for a person and the devs applied it to the account)

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correct but if you are on PC this SHOP has to be enabled as well from parental in settings before it will be visible.

I know nothing about that since I’m on PS4 and it’s automatically available. You have to disable the store on PS4 if you don’t want it available

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ok so this is then just for PC good to know then


I always thought the store was enabled by default unless specifically disabled on PC?

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not for me nor for my friends? i dont think its on by default but would like some more info on this

Must be a setting on your steam account. I just logged into my pc account and I didn’t have to do anything to see the store

i see the shop setting in settings (in game) got no clue if this has to do something with steam itself tho…