Beginner Build Suggestions

Hello, all!

Some friends and I just picked up Boundless a few days ago and so far we’re really loving it. We plan to be around for a while and we’re trying to wrap our heads around all the different systems.

Right now I’m about to hit Level 20 on my main character. I already have an alt for crafting and he’s up to Level 13. To level him I’ve been farming Earthyams and cooking them on my alt with a Teaching Pie.

I was looking to see if the community had any suggestions for a build for my primary character. I’ve been playing around with resets but need to decide before I hit 20. I’m leaning towards a mining build with this character… but I’m almost thinking to do a generalist build while leaning more towards mining.

I figure once I get some other alts going I’ll reset him to specialize, but in the meantime I was hoping to do a lot of things moderately well rather than one thing really well.

Anybody have some ideas for me? Thanks in advance!

Side note, here’s our Settlement if anybody wants to drop by!


Oh yeah. Are you online now?

DK on tana VII might even have a leveling school

Take a look at this link too:


You should go pure miners until you reach level 50 on your main (this the best build for xp gains). An alt for the crafting, then once your main reach lvl 50 create a new alt as a builder.

Once you reach lvl 50 you will be able to fill up new skill pages, but its faster to just level up an alt.

Welcome to boundless to you and your friend.


Agreed. I was primarily a miner up to 50 and I don’t regret that at all.


I am online right now, yes. I’ve a pretty frequent visitor to the DK Mall. Has helped me skip a few grindy bits early on.


You will keep earning skill points beyond level 20 & will still be able to remove/add points. It will cost you, but it’s not set in stone.

Having a general do-it-all character can be handy, especially when you’re getting started. To take advantage of a full build with epic skills, you’ll need to specialize at some point. A miner is def a great build to create. :+1:


Another hint always use teaching foods until your reach lvl 50.


Yeah, what they said.
I’d mine until getting enough skill points to get a decent hunter page going. The Oort and creature drops are easy money early on (later on too, really)
Edit: and welcome to the game


Thank you for the advice! I have my main set for mining right now. This is what I’m rolling right now with one point in Crop Sowing so I can plant Waxy Tubers as well.


Welcome to Boundless @div0ky here’s a :cookie: (^-^)

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Hey thanks! Yeah, we managed to get some Oort Shards from some meteorites on a T3 planet. We couldn’t defeat all the waves, but even when it hit dormant we managed to get about 100 shards.


Hey thanks! The community has been fantastic. We haven’t had a single bad run-in with anybody. People will just wander through and will usually even give us free food or tools. Always willing to give advice and help out.


a generalist might not be the best choice. one would think that such character will just be equally good at things, but it’s more it will just be equally bad at everything :smiley: I had one like that, wasn’t great.
miner build is a very safe and profitable choice and you will definitely want it to be one of the 5 skill pages you can have.

the build I use most though is a builder. he moves fast, doesn’t get hurt easily and he can craft stuff up to lvl 2

the skill system in Boundless is very generous, you will get + and - skill points every level, ( 2x as many after lvl 50) so I wouldn’t worry about making the best choices now. you can always fix it later, or tweak as necessary.

Jiivita has a bunch of videos about skills on YT that you might find helpful


Nice : ) those shards sell for around 20-24 coin each, on average

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Oh nice, I hadn’t been able to find a good Youtube channel. A lot of the stuff I came across was really outdated. I also searched the forums pretty hard for tips but a lot of it seemed quite outdated as well.

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looked at your tree, light epic is a luxury skilla t low level you must use somthing else and get yourself a lootstick or using a lantern.

Lootstick are forged tool with glow and magnet (forge trait) that will light you and pull item from a bigger distance. Idk what are the price fro them but they are pretty cheap. You just use them in your oof hand while mining, hunting, gathering, etc…


@Jiivita’s videos are a must see for everyone who wants info about the game.
if you fancy exploring, or want prompt previews of the newest exo planets, check out @majorvex 's channel

or if you feel like pushing the boundaries of the laws of Boundless universe, @Ovis will show you how

…is it ok to post channels that aren’t mine ? I mean they aren’t secret, but it feels odd. (?)
either way that’s some up to date Boundless YT content that you might find helpful / useful

oh, and welcome


Ah man, I really love the light epic, haha. I’ll check the DK Mall for Lootsticks - is that what it’s actually called if I search for it?

I’ve already gotten used to not having to hold a torch in my offhand. I’ve been running hammer/shovel to handle the dirt and gravel.

Thank you so much! I’ll check out those videos for sure. Thanks for the welcome as well. This community is fantastic!

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look for expensive ‘wayfarer’s totems’
if it is around 5000c, it’s probably a lootstick. might find cheaper.
pro tip: if you get totem lootstick, insert a revive or warp augment in it, that will prevent you from accidentally hitting stuff with it and loosing durability