Beginner Questions: Beacons, PvP, & State of The Game?

Hey guys, just bought the game a few days ago and have a few questions. Thanks in advance!

  1. Beacons: How do they work and how many can you have?
    I mean, I understand that they protect a plot of land so your structures aren’t vandalized, but how many can you have. I really want to do some big builds, like making a LOTR Erebor type thing in a mountain for myself and some friends (we’ll be making a guild when this game comes out). But how large are the beacons and how many can you have?

  2. PvP: Will there be any and if so, what types (1v1, GvG)?
    Will there be PvP in this game eventually? I think it would be really cool if guilds could build strongholds and wage war on each other. Or maybe there could be a PvP planet where multiple factions have a period of time to build fortresses, then vie for control over the land.

  3. How far will this market/citizen economy go?
    What my friends and I hope to do is build a massive mountain stronghold like the one mentioned above, and allow our guild members to live there. But, we were also thinking that we’d “tax” those who lived on the upper levels, where the market would be. They, as well as everyone else, would have to donate coins made from selling to the guild treasury, where others could take out coins to better themselves and the guild. Those who lived on the lower levels could mine for resources and place some in the guild treasury, and sell what remained to get coins or use those resources to better themselves. At the end of a period of time, the people on the upper levels would have to place bids to keep their spot. If they are outbid, they lose their spot and another would take their place. We really like the idea of being able to own our own city and have total control of it, but to what extent would we be able to control a city exclusively inhabited by our (future) guild?

  4. What do you think is the best value of the packages on the store?
    I really want to upgrade to the $95 from the $35 one, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I really like the idea of having access to the dev world, as well as 25% more beacon claims, the world builder, and biome creator. But is it worth getting? Or should I just stick with what I have already? I really like this game so far and want to support it, but still…it’s not like I have a bunch of spare cash to throw around.


Answer to #1


This is dependant on your skill levels. You get 1 plot each level you get. You get 10 plots for every 10th + 9 level you get (e.g. Lvl 9, 19, 29, 39).

They are 8x8x8 blocks in size. As said before, the range on how much you can have, depends on your skill levels.

Answers to #2

The latest info I have are that there won’t be “real” PVP and if there will be any, it’s only “fun”.

Answers to #3

This is still under construction and there is IIRC no answer from the devs. But there has been a community discussion.

Also under construction.

Answers to #4

It’s mostly as a “support” for the devs. There are no real advantages except the bigger beacons.

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That’s exactly what I hope for as well :heart_eyes:

Considering that the first thing every other new player asks is something regarding PvP I think it’s not too unlikely that the devs revise this decision and that we might get “real” PvP.

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