Beginners Hunts - Nobody left behind pace

To get to the welcome center from your portal, it’s almost directly below you. Through the portal to Storis II is the welcome center directly so you’re 1 portal hop away Actually :slight_smile:


I would greatly appreciate your help Beth! These times are completely up to you and your availability. Do you have a timeframe in mind you would like?

Ill post a Screenshot later of the current week so people can see the layout and availability.

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I’m flexible with times etc. I’ll have a look at the current schedules and fill in some blanks.

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TNT hunts are now at 10:30UTC daily, and usually also 23:15UTC

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That brings a good point, would it be better to post European times in the 24hr format? I lived in Germany a year, and you reminded me they use that format.

We found UTC is easy for everyone to convert. Its commonly used for time conversions everywhere.

Nice work on the beginners hunts, great initiative! There is a lot of new players out there that show interest in ours, ‘when they level up’. Ill keep and eye out and try come along with some revives!

Edit: i totally misread that. +1 24hr times!


Updated OP with screenshot of current Schedule board…

I saw it earlier :grin: I’m gonna need a 20 blinksec portal to the place :wink:

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3 wide by 6 tall ok? Otherwise, i’ll have to get creative to fit it somewhere…

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Yeah, that’s fine :blush:

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Ooooo can I help!!? :smiley:


Found the welcome center. Very nice place. Even made some money. I saw one of yall there too. Going to pull out my keyboard for this game. Im in cst. Im planning to join the hunt tonight if all goes well. I dont have healing bombs, looking for some.

What you must have are: healing brews, reviver brew, looter and a weapon.

If you can afford it you can also get:

  • Augments for your bow (I only use damage augments)
  • STR or SPD brews
  • Critic or Invig pie usually are the best for hunts
  • Revive augments + totem to revive people
  • Healing bombs

Edit: the last ones are just to improve your skills and help others, but if you are getting used to group hunts for the first time I highly recomend to focus only on keeping yourself alive and killing stuff.

Yall even have free house all furnished for new people. Im over here struggling for weeks. Haha it is all good. I learned a lot struggling.

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Hell yeah Bunneh

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Would you be available to lead a hunt Tuesday and/OR Thursday? again, anytime of day works.

Don’t trust her, she’s unreliable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just kidding, she keeps my life in order :heart:


Of course both are fine

Do you have a preferred time I can put up?

Trying to think of the European bunch who cant fit into the US schedule. 8pm UTC? I think that’s 9pm GMT