Being Able to Change Skill Sheet in Beacons You Own and Have Permissions To

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When I build for my friend, I have problems
changing to different skill sheets that are required to complete the build. Sometimes I have to travel all the way back to my home beacon just to switch my sheet. And I have to do that multiple times. I believe we should be able to change skill sheets in Beacons we own and Beacons we have Permissions to with no wait time. It would make building for others extremely easy.


Yeah but then the entire point would be invalid.

You could just carry around a beacon and put it down and boom done. Technically you can do that still, or with a current one just by making it home though too.


But I usually work inside a large plot area when building for my friend. Right now I am building on the mountains and have to use 2 portals to get back to my home beacon. I feel it would make building easier having permissions to multiple Beacons. Also what if newer players don’t have the plots to place down another beacon?

The mountain build is pretty far away. And with the home switching to other Beacons, clumsy people might forget which beacon they put as home and teleport to the wrong beacon.

You can switch your skills at anytime no need to be at your home beacon, the only advantage of switching skill pages at your home beacon is not having the 15 minute waiting time. What you request is to remove the 15 minute waiting time?

Not to remove the waiting time entirely, but to have no wait time between switching in Beacons you own and have Permissions to.


Yeah that would be great, I would even say to remove it completely or make it a minute cooldown
Or let u use more skill points on a skill page for example 150 points a page. I like to switch from hunting to gathering instantly without having to wait


Yeah. I hate having to travel home multiple times just to switch.


Or just get rid of skill pages entirely, remove the 100 skill point limit and let players build the character they want. If you are level 100 then you can put all 200 skill points (I hope my count is right) into that characters one skill set. Why create a limit anyway? Then no need to go home to switch and no need to wait for a cool down.


I wouldn’t go as afar as allowing it in permission beacons, but many time I dream about at least my own (not just the home one).

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But I need that no time after switching for Beacons I have Permissions to. I have to build for one of my friends who has mental issues.

sometimes it’s not about the needs of one but the overall balance - the switch could be seen OP if allowed in all beacons with permissions (not saying that would be the case, just saying it might be reason not to extend the feature uses too much)

glad to see you are helping a friend in need, - just thinking if you do that, just enjoy every moment of it and don’t rush things (I would probably switch to another alt when on 15 minute wait and do something for myself in that time, then back to the friend)

Thanks. He has Asperger’s I believe. He functions normally but just has problems focusing, processing instructions, OCD, and with coming up with original ideas when building. He told me it sometimes hurts to think.


Cool you find time to help him enjoy the game. :sunglasses: What is his* name in game? Maybe I will meet him sometime and could help him too.

*or her…

LuckyLotus. I’m just glad he can function normally and communicate normally. We reside in Kasai & Kori on Alder.

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Thanks for the info. Who knows, maybe we will meet soon eneough. :hammer:

Lol. That would be nice.

This would be my kind of game!!! You’d still have to make choices between hammers and axes, etc. etc. etc.

This is the one part of Boundless I reeeeally wish they hadn’t stolen from other games… skill caps and limits. Because Cthulhu forbid you have light source epic AND plant harvesting master (whatever it’s called) on your hunter… that’d be zomgpwnbbq waaay too OP :roll_eyes:

And double jump? NOOOO!!!


I think the issue is that skills like double jump are probably very rarely used since players never have enough room on a skill tree by the time they get enough damage, health and other needed skills for almost every skills set. It is a shame because I know I really liked the double jump in EA. It would also allow for the addition of skills over time without requiring players to have to redo entire sets. If they add a skill earn the points and get it.


I have things crafting for building later and have spare 30 minutes or so, might well visit - how can I find you? (what portal network)