Being able to hide yourself


this meaning set yourself in a hide mode when you want that little privacy!
when u look at friends and it shows ‘‘shown offline’’ or ‘‘online but hidden’’

or not being shown with an icon in-game on the planet, but instead, u have to give coordinations

I want something to be looked at as well.
this being if you remove a friend the other person still sees you as a friend on their side
this means they could just open a portal at the sanctum and spy on you.
so i would like to see these changes, you remove someone then this will be 2 sided

maybe we could have an option that we could enable to disable warping to friends if u don’t like that

this idea is by multiple people


Definitely this.
I was being harassed by this one player (probably not maliciously, but still…) I had removed them but they continued to follow me around for hours, through portals and warps, even after going to sanctum and warping elsewhere, sure enough they would appear seconds later and stalk me, asking lots of questions in chat and grappling me.

Removing a player from friends list should definitely be 2-sided.


I don’t like that game exposes player names & location when aiming to different planet, I think at least this should be optional to broadcast it to other planets and on sanctum.

Player base is right now (mainly) friendly but option to hide yourself from atlas/planet would be good just to allow that bullied target could keep on playing instead of waiting someone check reports thru.

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Plenty of us have asked for the ability to turn off warp to player. Even when it’s a person I like it bothers me sometimes :sweat_smile: and it would definitely be nice to put myself in offline mode. Heck I’m normally not even in online mode on my PS4. Guess you could say I’m antisocial and like being left alone most of the time when I’m playing games


I will always find you! No matter what world, what hole, what mining shaft!

But yes I would like an option to not appear online and not appear in the compass.


I’ll give this a HUGE ditto as well.

I have a huge guilt complex, and I absolutely hate to hurt anybody’s feelings. I can dwell on it for days if I think I have. At the same time, my games are sort of therapy for me - there are times in them where I simply am not social at all (I’m very quiet IRL believe it or not, for all I chat online!), and need to just zone out. So it puts me in a bad spot when somebody wants to follow me around and chat when I’m in one of these moods.

Something like this would allow me from having to choose between 1) saying something that might hurt feelings, or 2) doing what I usually do, bottle it up and just be upset myself.

Also, there are times that I can play, but because of family stuff (mentioned this in the Exo Shuttle thread some time back) really can’t chat. This would really help there too.


I think more control over that kinda stuff is always a good idea :+1:

But I would really love to be able to turn off the player tag above our heads. HIDE AND SEEK PLEASE!? :grin:


I might start doing this…

I agree with whichever side removes as a “friend” the other side should be done as well.

As for anything else regarding “hide mode” I don’t really like that. I feel it can get abused and would be leveraged if we ever get PVP or other things. We should know where all players are on our compass and other things until such thing as an “invisible cloak” might exist :slight_smile:

If you have pvp active or are in a pvp area it should just override offline/hidden mode


Yes if PVP has something like that but I’d still not want any non-PVP people to hide themselves. I don’t see why we would be in a MMO game and not want people to see you. So a complete “hiding” doesn’t make any sense.

Now I might consider and be open to an option to “remove player tag” so you don’t know my name. That seems ok if people agree.

As long as this doesn’t start to tamper with the online player count or the players on the world count when when one looks thru a portal then I would be fine with that.

I rather not this happen, for example, when I am going to an exo world for mining, I purposefully try to find a spot where there is the least amount of players for my landing spot, I would not be amused if I could be bamboozled by people simply hiding…

Many players friend hunt leaders, to make it easier to get to them, I am pretty sure their friend list would be full if they did not remove people, or allow a current bug to happen that allows a one sided friend request to happen. The moment you fix this, many people will no longer be able warp to the hunt leader any longer as the cap for friends is 250 at this time.

The cap would need to be changed to something much higher, or the 2 sided removal needs to have some kind of choice rather or not it will happen, so the current functionally for hunt leaders remains intact in some way.

I play destiny in offline and that’s an mmo and I’m a guild leader with max player count :joy:. I’ve never checked ff14 when in offline to see if friends could see me as online when I’m in the game. COD doesn’t show friends you’re on when you play in offline. Just to name a couple.

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Yeah I wasn’t kind of meaning that… Here let me clear up my views:

  1. I remove a friend, it should be removed on the “friends” side as well.
  2. A possible option to allow people to remove the name tag over their name. I am mixed on this. See both sides.
  3. On my friends list I can select a status: Online, Customer Message (like: Busy grinding rock!), or Offline (even if I am actually still online and playing is fine)
  4. The ability to literally hide my character so a person cannot “see me in game when looking at me” I don’t agree with. That wasn’t part of the OP but could see people brining that up.
  5. The compass that shows people’s icons - I am mixed on whether we can hide ourselves from there and not. In RDR2 people used that to hunt others down but we don’t have those concerns here. So I could see that it might be nice to hide ourselves on the compass. I am mixed on that and certainly would NOT want it if it would be the same for PVP when that hits. So if they cannot have 2 systems then I would say it stays mandatory on for all so people know who is around them.
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