Best Silk Yellow Gleam Minting Strategy?

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Does anyone have advice for the best strategy for minting stuff from silk yellow gleam mining? I know refining it first makes it more profitable. Is there other things to be done with it that is much better like gleam doors or other items?

Go mining…get gems. Lol.

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They nerfed the gleamdoor minting price to 1 i think.
So its not that “good” anymore
you realized it yourself i assume.

I think its good exp at least.

That’s… not really what this thread is about.

Exactly. I’m gleam mining to get xp, but I also want to be able to make some money off of it, so I’d like to know the most efficient way to do so, so I’m not wasting it all.

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You could get similar xp results mining for ores and gems on T5 planets, and definitely much better coin by selling the ores, gems, fossils and coal. You would also be providing a much better service to the greater Boundless community. It’s honestly a waste of forged hammers to destroy them all regen farming serp gleam just to mint the gleam products.


Best way to get money from is to make it gleam door… either put it on stands and sell for x or just mint those.

Refining and selling to marble makers is quicker IMO.


I’ve had people say this, but it honestly seems blatantly untrue. I’ve gone gleam mining for hours, I’ve gone mining on T5 planets getting tons of diamonds and all that. The xp is really not comparable. With gleam mining, I can get 144 xp per hit. With regular mining, even when I get the diamonds, it’s not very much xp. To be equivalent, I’d need to run into diamonds like every few seconds.

Calling it a waste is subjective. Clearly it generates tons of xp, tons and tons of it along with some coin.

That’s another reason I wanted to know the best strategy for gleam minting to see if it’s more profitable to mint or sell for almost nothing. The highest price currently is 0.6c for raw gleam and even that’s almost filled up

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Interesting. Seems plain doors mint for 1.44c and plain poles mint for 10c. Same amount of gleam and spark needed, along with same crafting time, just some fresh vital essence to increase the amount by that much. I don’t think that should be much of a problem.

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Hmm how Long are you Mining Gleam means how many Gleam do you collect because of you want to make poles you need half of the Gleam in fresh Essence too , i would not do it too much Essence to collect or to craft. In my opinion .
Would sell IT to marble makers like mentioned before If i would do marble Like before i would take all your RAW Gleam

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I’ll second selling refined to marble makers. Just toss it all in stands and put it up on the forums.

Only issue is that marble makers only request so much before the price lowers more and more. Trying to see if it’d be a better idea to try minting myself or if it’s worth it to just sell for 0.5-0.6c.

Oh, you’re meaning in shop stands. What price do you think I’d get people wanting to buy? It’s hard to tell the price to sell things like that for since the shop scanner doesn’t sort by color.

I’d start around 1 and slowly go down. Eventually you will find the sweet spot.

I usually sell mine for .5, but I usually just don’t want to store it anymore.

To be honest I don’t really do gleam poles. For leveling or for coin. I think mining is far better. Mining for sapphire u get a ton of iron. Which sells. Gems sell. If for leveling compact iron ore. Refine it .machine it. Ieveling goes quite quick doing this. Couple hours mining and sell everything will give quite a large amount of coin. But i totally respect if doing gleam. Mining isn’t for everyone…


You get 144xp per hit with gleam? But when you regen farm it you wont get that XP again, or do you go from gleam ball to gleam ball?

I thought about doing some gleam minting myself, sure you get the XP from refining and crafting but not the farming so I definitely prefer mining!

Teaching pie and energy brews makes mining a ridiculously quick way to earn XP! Plus the gems fossils and coal to sell

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You do get experience after regening. That’s how I leveled my first character to 50


I thought once blocks had been regenned the XP stops… it certainly does with other resources… how odd

Edit: I must test this haha


The game appears to track a certain amount of blocks to not give you xp in that place again. If your reach range is short and you can only mine like the first three, regen, then mine again, you don’t get xp again. But with the higher ranges, it stops tracking the new blocks and gives you xp every time. Pretty sure this works with everything. If you wanted, you could probably place 100 gleam, mine 100 gleam, repeat. Though that would be pretty pointless and not worth it.

If I want xp, I do gleam farming, but for money its definitely better to mine. Its about a 2.5 hr difference, but the money isn’t even comparable. If a person is willing to only get about 4 levels an hour, mining for silver/gold is even better coin.


Wow I had no idea about the regen XP… eye opener. Haven’t been near a Serp gleam ball since I was a young oortling :laughing: