BIOMES: Request for creative ideas!


Very amazing ideas and cools pics folks… I made through half and rushed to the end just to say… I would fall more in love with this game for some magnificent waterfalls, rugged shorelines with crashing waves that could sweep you off your feet, Mountain peaks with white out weather to blind you and impede your progress. Others things that would intrigue me are worlds with different gravity, so you would jump higher but move slower. Fairy tale worlds with giant mushrooms like Alice in Wonderland, or the flora from Avatar.


Yes! Imagine things illuminating as you come within certain range of them… I love that idea


Ok, totally biased here since I live in a region with many beautiful ones, but a biome with lots of waterfalls and cascades over cliffs and down hills. I won’t flood this thread with pics but for shots of my ideal biome, check my posts here - What does the area you live in look like :wink:


bring this this biome back I would love too build inside this


Wish I saw this post when it started. You’ve got a ton of great ideas already. When your ready for built biomes let me know. Ancient ruins would be cool. Easter island heads. Prebuilt pyramids and and structures. Other ancient statues. Sphinx. New variety of trees and bushes would be great. More streams and waterfalls would be cool too. Perhaps pillars from ancient cities. With some broken and half on the ground. Ancient Titan skeletons in the side of mountains. Giant wild stock skeleton. Ancient dead sanctuary on a planet that’s over grown with plants and vines in the middle of a jungle. Structures found in caves. Futuristic crafts and builds found under ground. Destroyed space craft. Ancient battle grounds. Meteor fields with tons of craters. Hope some of these ideas help. :beers: @james


I have just seen this post…Thanks @James now I’m going to be up all night again till early hours on google :joy::joy::joy:

@CoTuK he asked for biomes not “where do we add the huge creepy spiders at “ :rofl::rofl:


Something else came to mind. Some of the exo worlds had put me in the mind of this but, how about worlds that have biomes intertwined with the remnants of some ancient apoplectic event or war…where the flora and fauna are reclaiming the lands. I think @georgegroeg may have suggested something similar.


Maybe hollow core planets.


Planet name : Treasure seeker
Description: a world full of tunnels packed with rock and clay where you can find vast gems deeper in the tunnels

Planet name : Floral Fantasy
Description: a world scattered with huge tall flowers to harvest for a small amount of seeds to plant and grow

Planet name: The hidden world
Description: scattered with rock a hidden place with old sculls scattered and small ones can be broken for bone.



To expand upon this idea, make a world that is only rocks and a bit of hills out of rocks thorns on the outside and has an inner smaller sphere with a hollow dome around it that is built like a normal planet with plants etc.


I was thinking one day it would be cool to have a sort of upside down biome.

It would go one of two ways.

a thin mineable layer of rocks at a high altitude completely encasing the planet in darkness.
you could make it thicker and serve more of a purpose with world resources.
anyways, youd have to mine through it and expose the ACTUAL planet underneath. a lot of people would fall their first time. and people first warping to the planet would be confused on which large meteor they landed on.
I think this would allow for a unique 2 layer atmosphere, and some cool showoff with your new lighting update on a complete blackout world. (quick thought, awesome amount of goo c; )

the other way i see this going, thick outer rock, upside down trees on large inner caves, entirely exposed bedrock with a layer of gleam over it imitating the sun

hope you enjoy my graphics, this is how i plan my build too xD


If you’ve ever gotten into modded Minecraft, this sound exactly like Mystcraft’s cave world terrain generation. Basically a normal world but with a ceiling of rock/dirt that has trees growing above.


A world with floaty islands and nothing but Water below for aqautopia