Blingz’n’Thingz Lottery


Hi All!
Just letting everyone know we have a lottery currently running in Blingz’n’Thingz. 33 tokens, Everyone is a winner @ 5k a go. Over 200k in prizes :blush::v:t3:


Can you give us a little more information about this?


55 tokens, 55 Portals. Each portal contains a prize.
3x100 rough oort
900 oort shards
100 rough blink
Blink/rift grapple
Blink/rift slingbow
Blink/rift forged slingbow
Refined gems
Not doing it to make coin, because there’s more coins worth in items, in there than what we will make total.
Just looking to get our hub used and more people familiar with our set up :blush:


Just 3 of us that run the hub and we have only been playing for roughly 4 weeks. Just looking to make ourself a little more known :blush:


So We go and buy a portal token for $5,000? Is this a timed event? Sorry for all the questions. :sweat_smile:


Yes portal token, camp fires, conduits and shards available too if needed and then just activate portal.
This will be a continuous thing. Running all the time. We will restock when it gets low :blush:


I had a look at this; it was a pretty interesting experience. I didn’t get much for my money, but it was fun, actually!

Got 400 shock shards and 700 blast shards, better luck next time… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much for stopping by!

There is still 200k+ in prizes still to be won! Feel free to try again any time :blush:


Decided to give it a go for the lols. Got a diamond slingbow lol. It was fun though. :slight_smile:


Thank you for stopping by :heart:


27 tokens left up for grabs with lots of amazing prizes left.
2 x blink slingbow
100 rough oort.
900 oort shards
1 blink grapple
Plus loads of other good prizes! :blush:


Nice job on the lottery!!

I bought a token and won a blink slingbow!!


awesome idea, definitely recommend :slight_smile:


You should make a parody of this ad :


LMAO :sweat_smile::joy::joy:

We should definitely do that :joy::joy::joy:


Currently restocking lottery as we speak.
Thank you to everyone who dropped by, and won some awesome prizes! :heart:


:slight_smile: Just walked out with 100 Rough Emerald and 400 Chill.


Plus found a great place to sell my Oort stone.


Thank you for the kind words everyone :heart:


nvm, 10 char.