Blingz’n’Thingz Lottery


What do you mean @RatofTime


i found it…ended up with 200 glue


I walked away with 100 shimmering orbs, roadrunner feather, 400 iron bars , and a blink swift grapple. Super fun thankyou.


Thank you for stopping by and trying it out :heart:


thats alot of tokens you bought lol, i just had enough for one, spent my other money on building blocks as per usual. Since it seems the lottery is sticking around ill return later in the year when my current projects are closer to being finished.

now that i have the 200 glue, the only question now is, what color to make the storage blocks out of xD


4 tokens at 5000 each. And I’d say he returned more than what he paid on the whole. There are lots of the rare prizes left too which are worth 20-30-40k :blush:


5k is a lot of coin to me tho, i only get my coin from footfall :slight_smile: maybe ill save some up and when i do return i can get quite a few tokens muahahaha :smiley:


Let me know where you’re located and I’ll drop by for that footfall and take a look at any shops you might have :v:t3:


oh i don’t run any shops, used to but it was just selling holiday stuff and my leftover from hunting.

currently building in aquatopia embassy and aquatopias united farming village.
the ‘new player portal’ in embassy that is next to the beacon/beacon fual shop stand leads to near my build.
its a slow one since my focus currently is my main big algamar farm in the village. :slight_smile:
if you come accross them let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or ideas :smiley:

hitting it with a hammer will show the plotowner as 'eternalsmiley :slight_smile:

oh and thx for making the lottery, it’s a fun suprise and of all the comments i’ve seen so far there is always something useful. :slight_smile: weee storage blocks :smiley: one can never have enough mesh objects hehehe


Hey! You probably make use of my road! I’ll have to come visit you and return the favor of FF.


It was Empty (; .; )


Gotta love dishonest people. Someone has managed to get to other shop stands from their portal. Design flaw and our own fault, but massively sucks about people being shitty like that. 200k worth of stuff gone. Harsh lesson learnt.


D: 10 char.


my luck sucked when I tried It the other day. I got 8 rough ort :stuck_out_tongue:


Better luck next time! It will be restocked today with an amazing range of prizes! Will update the thread when it’s done and give you an idea what’s up for grabs :v:t3: Thanks for your support


Alright. Spent 15k coins in the lottery and got :
• 900 wax which will be used to make MORE DECORATIVE STONE!
• a slightly used hammer with pretty neat stats (including AoE) which will serve well!
• 25 rough topaz. That one, oddly enough, was the least rewarding, but eh, that’s the game! :stuck_out_tongue:

I might come back another day. Really nice work!


Thanks for stopping by!

Still a lot of amazing prizes to be won! :blush:


Oo you’re back on? I’ll come try my luck soon :smiley:


the prize ye had your eye on is still there trickyy, got couple of nice things with my gamble including the blink axe :slight_smile:


Lottery has been restocked and ready to go.

Thank you everyone that’s been by and checked us out! :v:t3:

Just a reminder, we have portals available in our hub area for anyone wanting one!