Blingz’n’Thingz Lottery


On my way back! Was sad when there was no tokens :sweat_smile:


Yeah someone bought them all last night :grimacing::sweat_smile:

I did write on discord that I really don’t mind people buying multiple tokens, but I’d prefer if someone didn’t buy all, for them to just flip the items or be up themselves.

As I stated, we are losing coin running it, just more so a little fun, giving back to the community and to bring people to our hub and shops :v:t3:


I bring present when I come buy tokens :sweat_smile:


Lottery has been restocked this morning, LOTS of amazing prizes :heart:


Lottery has been restocked and ready to go :blush:

Have fun :heart::v:t3:


If you haven’t done this yet, i recommend it! I won a Rift bow. :blush:


I’ve won blink grapple, forged rift bow, rough rift. It’s definitely worth it. At least it has been for me the few times I’ve done it


Well…that was fun xD
Got a forged rift grapple and a blink bow!
Good stuff man!


I’m glad you had fun! And thank you for the kind words! :heart::heart:


Darn no more tokens lol


This will be being restocked today! Around 3pm GMT. :eyes:


:partying_face: :balloon:


I want to donate stuff for free. Probably a 100 persisting pies. Once I’ve got everything I need, I’ll craft them puppers up. From Brick and I. Just to contribute to that Boundless Community spirit that you invoke, youngster. :grinning::fist:


You’re very kind! Thank you!

I restocked it yesterday and it sold out in like 4 hours. :sweat_smile: It’s so hard keeping up with the demand. Especially as it’s costs me so much


I figured as much! Last week Brick (I really wish he’d change that name, honest to heck!) and I went to buy a token and it was cleared out. :joy: When I can, I’ll donate some gear. I’ll get started on those pies tomorrow, shouldn’t take too long. :grin:


Also, lol, @cagian He uses that bloomin’ name for all his games! He’s shortened it for Boundless, though. It’s actually Brick Jobby Water. Any Scots here’ll understand…:roll_eyes::joy:


Yeah, it’s hard keeping on top of it, especially with Damo not being here. 500k+ to refill every time :see_no_evil:

But I’m gonna go get some extra stock today and get it filled back up!

Thanks to everyone who finds the fun in using it! You’re all awesome :heart:

(Especially you, Morag and Brick!)


Me, definitely. Brick…? You remember what came out his mouth on Eresho, right? :roll_eyes:. Seriously, though, you are welcome, it just so happens that Brick (:roll_eyes:) and I (:grin:) like you. :joy:


I happen to like that humor :sweat_smile: Although you guys being Scottish, I’d expect it a lot worse (my dads from Ayrshire :see_no_evil:)


So is my Dad. Lol. I’m just glad there’s restrictions on Boundless and no-one can hear them on the headset. Am an absolute angel, of course. :innocent::shushing_face: