Block Color Conversion and Lighting changes (Release 195)

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The universe for launch will be completely different, I’m pretty sure.


I’m really looking forward to a completely new universe to explore… and a using all the colours in some fresh new builds!


I’m hoping that the starter world’s aren’t too alien, I like that Therka is pretty earth like with the different biomes. It makes it that much more exciting and interesting when you finally do go off world to somewhere that is actually alien and unknown and potentially very dangerous.


The number of worlds will scale depending on the number of active players. We need to make sure there is sufficient capacity for player’s bases and more important sufficient concurrency for the number of players who want to be online simultaneously.

So the number of worlds at launch will be small, but we hope it will scale quickly as players enter the universe.

The spawn worlds will be quite earth-like and gradually become more other worldly as you venture into the harder worlds.


Good to hear, thank you :blush:


Nice; thanx for the update James :smile:


Thank you sir


With the new global colour codes used to designate blocks, will this mean that e.g therka meta will not be seen as exotic on other starter worlds that use the same colour code?


fyi, I have a copy of Nasharil migrated to lastest on my computer and the purple rock is indeed still purple when forcing it to be lit under a white light.

@Prome3us yes, if two worlds have the exact same colour of a block, then the prestige system will not be able to distinguish them to make one “exotic” and the other not because… well they are the exact same block.


Thanks for the confirmation!


Thanks a lot!


If you know, then why bother changing colors at all. Absolutely pointless. Take pictures of it now before 193 goes live. Enjoy, then pull it out ten years from now and ask your grandchildren how they liked your builds, and sip a lemonade.

The point is too many are worried about their current builds. This game is moving fast towards a Goal of Live 1.0. We need to simply test for bugs and give feedback so we can get the best 1.0 we can. We need to desperately stop worrying about our current projects, saving current projects, or if the colors won’t match our current projects. Test, test test. All that matters now.


Actually when I read this back it sounds a little harsh or sarcastic. I do not mean it to be.


I cant wait to see how my builds are affected by color changes (if any). It’s like free automatic re-build. A new face of my creations before it all goes down with tidal waves and meteor showers or whatever it is that brings world’s end.


I totally get your point and i agree, but I don’t think 1.0 is as close as you might think and we will be stuck with these planets for quite some time and to keep me motivated testing they have to look pretty! :blush:

And to clarify: I’m not asking for any complex solution that takes away dev time.
I’m just asking if the color conversion is final (it’s not, it’s a wip as we now know) and i’m intested in ppls opinions and experiences.

I really like the color combination of Homeworld Lustrous Wood/Munteen Twisted Wood and Homeworld Twisted Wood/Elopor Lustrous Wood.
So if they have visually close (not mathematically close) equivalents in the new palette and they get names later in development, i’d like to know the names so i can seek them out in the 1.0 universe and build with them again. :grin:


Added 194.1 Screenshots :hugs:


Now that it hit live servers, i have to say that the colors still look really washed out in full daylight.
But purple stone is purple again, yay!

Edit: Even the nights look washed out, the whole atmosphere of the colored light is gone:


I am very disappointed the new color scheme. It is all washed out and seems to have shifted to the red side of the spectrum.

extremely disappointed in the change to copper. I will need to replace all of it ASAP. it is pink and not copper colored the red meta looks even more faded than before and the red sedi has gone magenta. even the gleam has shifted to have a pink tone from a gold tone.


I don’t think its the colors fault, i think there is something wrong with the lighting.
Sometimes everything looks flat, as if the normal mapping is not working correctly.
Everything looked a lot more vivid and three-dimensional before the update.
But it’s probably not final and they are still working on it.


I’m with you, i was shocked after i logged in, We built everything arround the Lush and Playful Colour Scheme and now everything looks so depressing.
Most of the Blooks are perfectly squarish too now, like the good ol Minecraft Classic Times (Did you turn off Tesselation?).
Imho the World lost a lot of its Life with the Current Patch :frowning: