Block Color Conversion and Lighting changes (Release 195)

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As you might know we will be moving to the new palette of block colors with the next big release! :star_struck:

I made a few comparison shots in @the-moebius’s workshop: * cough *

192 (before):



196 (now live):

192 (before):



196 (now live):

Firstly I’m really happy about the move to that new palette and that the stacking issue will be a thing of the past.
But I’m a bit worried about the conversion of some block colors that look a lot different then their live server counterparts.


  • Homeworld’s Twisted Wood & Elopor’s Lustrous Wood: The saturation took a big increase and it looks really orange now. Homeworld’s Twisted & Lustrous used to work really well together, now they clash.

  • Homeworld’s Igneous Rock & Nasharil’s Metamorphic Rock: These blocks went from purple to dark grey. I don’t think it will mess a lot with current color combinations, I’m just really sad that the purple is gone. (solved!)

  • Homeworld’s Sedimentary Rock: The saturation went down a lot and it lost it’s sandstone appeal, almost looks like metamorphic rock now. (solved!)

I know, I know, I know. It will not matter at all with 1.0 and of course we can get the colors we want from the new planets. But it will be a lot of work the replace a complete set of materials in a big build, just to fix a previously working color set.

So my questions are:

  • Will this be looked at again before it goes live?
  • Has anyone else found block color conversions that will screw up their builds?

this is a very misleading thread title, I thought this was patch notes for the new testing version…
ah that makes more sense :stuck_out_tongue: thank you :slight_smile:

yeah I do like that some blocks will be changing colour, but… i would rather see more different colours, not more of the same :frowning:
I built my castle on Munteen using igneous rock ONLY from Munteen in hopes that they might do a palette update and then at least they would all be the same colour. As for the grey, not bad. I’ll probably leave it and maybe change the floor if there is a darker igneous.

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I really hope so. I’d love to see some slight variation on the current colour-duplicates that we have, rather than just allowing the blocks to be the same colour from different planets (it really irks me, that idea) and allowing them to stack in the same 99-stack.

Although, I say slight variation because I know some people might be attached to the colour palette of their builds, my preference would be for wild differences. I’d be okay with that compromise.

I started out the same way! But then at some point I lost track and my newer builds have the same stone from 6 different planets all over them. A palette update would look really crazy on them I guess. :joy:

I am affraid of the same change. Same for metamorphic that seems not to stack but look the same. Made buildings of those different stacks, looks great now but would look terrible after the update. Would it be better if all (for example) now similar stones would be converted to a single tint (and thus stack) before introducing the new tints? Or is this what is already how it is going to be?

Thats how it currently works on the Testing Server.

super sad face.
I would much rather see these blocks become different than just allowing them to stack. I would even go out of my way to help people change their builds and collect the new correct colours for them rather than seeing 30 blocks that have duplicates on OTHER planets that really really bothers me.

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I don’t think it would be so bad to have multiple planets with the same block colors if we get the 50+ worlds it looks like we are expecting. Some colors (home world) tend to be in higher demand, and having many times more supply helps meet that demand without forcing everybody to mine a single planet.


i guess so, but to be honest, there is a LOT of rock on each planet. and with regeneration and the variety of planets… that shouldn’t be a problem either =\

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I thought I saw in a note. by @james that the current live worlds will not be affected by this change and that only the new planets will be the only ones having this color situation.

Is this true or not true?

I think everyone is really wanting to know about this and how it affects our current worlds.

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Well, afaik the change is created by the overhaul in colour IDs etc, which would apply to all worlds, similarly to on testing. However, there was some mention that the difference on testing was exacerbated by some lighting differences too.


We shall see; But i think w’ll get al lot more colours to work with very soon :+1:
And i hope more natural colours too.

There wont be new colours per say, existing colours will just change a bit. This is not a re-paletting of the worlds, it’s an internal change to how we colour blocks so that every block has a consistent 255 colour set across the whole universe of current and future worlds. All existing worlds and inventories migrate to ‘whatever new colour is closest’.

Old way, we generated a set of 3 colours of wood, 3 colours of grass, 3 colours of rock, and other blocks colours, for a single world, and those got appended onto the limited set of colours in the palettes. But there was no re-use, and nothing to stop various colours accross worlds looking almost identical, so lots of wasted space in the colour spectrums and non-uniformities, and confusion. And because we have 3 rock per world etc in the same palette, it basicly meant we could only have 85 unique world palettes before the system would fail. It would be infeasible to give all the colours names, and because we would never have worlds with natural rocks that are super vibrant pink (for example), we’d end up with 255 rock colours that only have a limited colour range and lots of duplicates/confusion. Even worse, palettes like gleam, there is only 1 per world, so there wouldn’t even be 255 gleam colours, only 85! Urgh!

Now, we have a 255 set of colours across the entire color space in a uniform* way, that every block uses, and worlds pick out of those colours instead of adding new ones. So no duplicates or bunching up wasting spaces etc, and colorindex 5 is always the same colour on any block effectively and we will be able to give all the 255 colours sensible names too, and even support tinting/painting blocks as a game feature in future since they all will use the same colour sets.


nevermind :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

These screenshots really show how dull the colours are in testing 193.
It was the first thing I noticed. Especially gleam is kinda meh.

Really liked the colourfulness of the Boundless world… now it’s too realistic with the new weather and light system.

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Hopefully this will explain where we are with the live worlds :

We are currently iterating lighting and block palettes for the release 1.0 worlds and we are aware there have been knock-ons with the worlds on live.

The block colours on live were picked to work with lighting of lower intensity which had a strong colour at midday. For example the standard midday light on the home worlds Therka, Solum etc is orange with a blue ambient light.

We’ve made the new lighting considerably brighter and whiter than previously and this has caused the live block colours including gleam to look washed out.

The advantages of the brighter lighting is it provides us with a wider tonal range from light to dark so the worlds will feel richer.

The light sources/and torches also now behave correctly in the daytime. E.g the very low intensity lightcube used to light up the ground even in full midday sun.

If you saw any of the ‘hunting’ branch worlds you would see that blocks had a full range of colour saturation levels from dull to extremely colourful. (Whether any of the colour combinations were pleasing is another question. We are still experimenting with palettes!).

Rest assured we are taking your feedback on board and Boundless will definitely be colourful.


That’s brilliant! No pun intended. Well maybe a little. I live in the desert, so in midday it is realistic that colors are washed out. The sun is frikin bright.

Kudo’s for deepening immersion of Boundless. @jsouthworth

May I ask how many worlds are there going to be for 1.0? I’m not sure if that’s been definitive mentioned yet.

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I believe the answer, at least when I last heard anything, was that the amount of worlds can be unlimited and will be adjusted depending on the size of the playerbase.

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Yep that’s what I heard to. Just curious how many they plan on having for launch. Or are they only wiping what we have now, and updating them so they work in the new universe?

James mentioned a new universe. So I am not sure if the worlds now will be part of that. The legacy worlds are no more.

Read somewhere it will be a complete new universe so no more solum, therka vulpto etc. Can they be the same planets asset but different names maybe. Heard some time ago they were planning for around 50 planets for launch but it might be just speculation.