Block Placed By

When you press . to see specs you should be able to see who placed a block. Example: Block_Placed_By_BrandonGoji


Good idea, give this man a cookie :point_up_2:

its a suggestion. its not how it works currently.

also i said the same thing earlier today because of the recent griefing. james and ben have been notified and i know they will do the best for the game.

Oh, didnt read it that carefully :smile:
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I’ve suggested this in the past and was told at the time that it was complicated -

I posted it for the devs. They were checking out a recent grief and I mentioned it in game.

I’m just saying what one of the devs had previously told me. I’m still very much in favour of adding something like this if it’s possible.

How is that complicated, im a noob programmer and i think that even i can do that,

The main problem is the amount of data that would need to be stored. How do we scale it?


Ah, that would indeed be a whole lot of lines xD

I can see the problem.

Maybe do so it can only be seen up to 2-3 days after? (I am not sure how much better that would be.)

If we’re looking for solutions to griefing - I would start by looking at other systems that have already battled with this. For example, how does Wikipedia stop griefing?

How does it work with that minecraft plugin then? Or is that just because not that many people play on a server there?
Also, you cold erase apthe date after one week of the placement.

Minecraft is a buggy mess and their worlds fill tons of space, i would not use that game as an example. And most plugins only record when a player places a block not where.

It does, actually you can type something like, coinspect and then click on the block for all the information.
And you can also decide for how long this data will be stored, i think if you create a smart system it could work.

Excuse me if im way off base. I have little programing experience. With servers as busy as the main Oort will be how taxing would it be for the server to be constantly checking individual blocks to remove said data? Perhaps have it run a check for removable values once per day at off peak hours?
That and perhaps a in client report feature would be good. Generates a report for a server and if you get x amount of them you know its not false and can have someone check it out.

I meant that you can turn in on and off with a command or in the options menu and if enabled you can click a block and see who placed it.

This would be great to find griefers

I thought this too initially, but griefers destroy blocks much more than make them. So instead of blaming the greifer, the good sole that came behind and placed a block to fix a hole would be blamed.

Also, in a PVP zone, this detail would be a primary method to detect traps.


Depending on how quickly a mod can check the griefed build the block placement records would only have to be stored for a certain amount of time. It could even be every 10 blocks or so to shorten the list considering they spam hundreds of blocks. Every week or two the list can be reset.

Is that at all possible? I’m by no means a coder. Just a thinker :smiley: