Block placement distance reduced?

I remember you used to add blocks when you are around 11 or 10 blocks away, now its reduced to 5. Is that true or am I experiencing a bug here?


I think that came with the hotfix.

why would they take away something like that…? I was having an easy time building :confused:

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Feels more like 3-4 for me :frowning:
I’m assuming they implemented this now so we can be able transition from placing 8 blocks at a time to 3-4 before the official release/beta. I’m still pretty shocked from what happened but I gotta live with it.

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yes exactly^^

But why did they do this without asking the community? Or even include it in the vote. One of the reasons i liked building here over minecraft was the larger range. I don’t know but I think they should have asked us first, or keep it like this because obviously everyone was liking it. What do you think? @ben

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Hi guys. That’s right! We’re beginning to transition from a ‘creative mode’ mindset, (where blocks are infinite and you have arms like Mr. Tickle) to one that begins to embrace the upcoming tools and abilities (and their limitations) that are at your disposal.

I understand that this change in isolation feels like a step backwards, but we believe that this adjustment will pave the way for more cool mechanics that will make building more fun, playful and intuitive than before.

In the future we will try and tie these together so that they make more sense in that context - we never want to make a change that means you have less fun.


I understand, as this will reduce the options to what trolls can do in-game too. However, we are still in early access, maybe an option to go to creative mode or something? I think this would be greatly appreciated by everyone who is into building.

Sorry to say, but this text is really bothering me to read, a sort of ‘‘we should have all power and the devs should do whatever we ask them’’ attitude, i prob just read too much into it

I can understand why you would feel that, but i would recommend you to quickly try to get rid of that attitude or view on the game, it is early acess after all, they are going to need to remove things we like, but it might be needed to add something else, as Adam also said, its to remove the transition from creative mode, the game is not made just for builders, so i dont think you should see this game as a minecraft 2.0 building simulator, at another point they are also going to remove infinite blocks and maybe add durability to tools, all things that makes it harder to build because you have alot more things that you need to do to build, that is the type of game it is i reckon

Sorry if i sound rude too, its just the way you said it is really… annoying.

My recommendation is starting to get used to it, i dont think it will have a creative mode when it launches, so its better to get used to building as it is now, since it will most likely stay that way.


I got the same feeling you did but just couldn’t phrase it.

@PharaohNai I’m really into building but I appreciate the lower range more than what was before because it makes building challenging.

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Good thing im known for being rude, arrogant and cold huh? i can say whatever i want xD (though i still get my ass kicked for it from time to time)


Well, I had a lot of conversations with you by now and I can say it’s just misinterpretations from both sides^^
Now that I know how you tick I can explain things so you understand what I mean. And I think/hope vice versa^^

Yeah apologies, i tend to get the completely wrong ideas of what people mean unless they are very specific xD

but im not sure how bad this is since im not really a builder, but i think its good you cant place it further than your arms should logically be.

Although they did patch this without saying anything about it in the latest announcements, so I kinda see why he/she’s upset about it (i’m a bit upset too, but just shook it off for the better).

I hope they don’t remove the infinity blocks anytime soon though, or atleast within this month, if that were to happen then I gotta go on overdrive to finish my build with every chance I get D:

I can sort of see why it seems a bit early to remove the distance. Because at the moment there’s nothing else than building.
But it could be an indicator that a big update is coming^^ hope hope hope

Ahh… that makes sense, i didnt know they didnt put in patch notes, the patchnotes for this game is really hard to use as argument for the devs being active, cause they only write half of the changes in the patch notes xD

this i can understand why some people would be bummed about, for infinite blocks i hope they will make a warning, but for something as tweaking distance… In some way i can understand them not saying it you know? like if they could put it in and nobody complained or really noticed then that would be great, i think its not something you notice unless you are a seriously dedicated builder.

That was another thing I was about to type in ^^’’’ (I think too deep before typing it out ha) I think the devs really were trying to make it seem like we never had it to begin with, that way the new players won’t be begging for it to be put back for the sake of this game still being in early alpha.

This change wasn’t deliberately left out of the release notes. It was a mistake not to reference it.

(We often make hundreds of changes to the game and don’t reference them in the release notes. We generally try to include items that are player facing. Things that actively change the game for the player. We don’t cover items that you don’t see - fixes to the servers, little speed ups, changes in preparation for features in the future - as examples. We might reference non-player issues if there was a known issue we were actively trying to fix for players, for example if a particular server was crashing.)


I didnt at all mean to be rude, I just though an announcement before that should have been necessary. Thats all :slight_smile:

thank you so much for explaining :slight_smile: