Blocked in

Hey can I please get a developer to come look at a site for me. I have someone blocking me in and won’t let me access my plot. As you can see from the four pictures. I don’t have a way in. It’s in new Leyden.


Have you spoken to the person who’s done it? Seems a very rude thing to do!

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Something about foot fall trap, I’m kinda upset she would do this. I didn’t know I had to put all my time and effort of running a shop. Now I know I can’t build anything, play a different game or do something else with my time.

footfall trap? what do you mean?

Is the person who’s done it the warden? you could talk to them about it too if she’s not. It must be really annoying :confused:

My shop was “empty” but I still I had stuff in it. It’s because I’m not very active anymore I play when I can and have time.

Jeepers free that man!



Looks like the OP is being accused of creating a footfall trap (edit: trying to get footfall revenue without a valid store) - sign says something about an Empty or (can’t read) shops aka footfall traps not being being allowed.

Might be able to be cleared up with a message - OP, write the Warden and say what you did here, even if the shop isn’t allowed to stay due to inactivity, you should be allowed to get your stuff back I’d think.

Right, like who does this. If all the shops I saw empty or dead man. There would be a lot of walls. People have life’s and play different games or just wanna build.

She told me to use the roof to get in, ummm this goes against the rules of the game.

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Looks like she is standing in your picture. Was she putting it up with you there?

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Thats a nice roof too

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She wants to talk. Told me to give her the plot back. Umm this is my plot.

Give them back bring your store to dzassak market ill send Tale. Its 3x3 plots

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The one in the second image is @AeneaGames

Maybe they can fill us in on whats happening?

So my team quit and had a huge fall out, you know that team you play with everyday. You build and you hunt and do everything together. So yeah my team had a huge fight and I decided to work on my own project and not worry about this mess that just happened. At the same time COD MWRemastard came out so I decided to try that you know. Clear my head. I was upset you know. I love this game I’m active but I didn’t know I had to spend all my time gathering resources just to sell in new Leyden city or else I’ll get blocked in because it was a footfall trap. I still had stuff I. Here for sale so my shop wasn’t completely empty.

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This kinda sh!t makes me hate the game. I was done talking to her the minute she put a wall up around my plot. I have nothing to say to her.

I tend to agree, i think its a dïck thing to do personally, and would probably just keep the plots to spite, but eh.


A warning or some sort of discussion before barricading you in would have been more polite I would have thought… But maybe inactive players are a big issue for wardens and she is just trying to keep on top of her settlement…

come join us in Swarm of the Oortians in Dzassak :slight_smile:


build a gleam tower there and take viceroy. Let us know if you need blocks, I’m sure we can help ya out.