Bomb Damage per Block Type, by Tier

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Does anyone know the DMG required on bombs for example diamond bomb to clear land on a tier 3 planet with Max bombing skills?

Or is there a website like this one, that shows the DMG for blocks by DMG lvl for bombs?,0,0,0,1,0,9,1,0,0,0,0,0,9,0,0,0

Also does AOE with longevity gum work the same as Flankers force on tools? Such as if I have AOE on bombs does it also need added DMG like it does on normal tools?

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Looks like this is a boundless unsolved mystery?

Mayumi told me once, give me a sec.

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Ok apparently it’s not tested with bombs but it should be similar.

As far as I know AOE doesn’t reduce damage on bombs.

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AOE definitely does not, it simply increases the blast radius.

@Ratchel I can do a little damage testing with some bombs if you like when I’m at home next. I have an array of forged bombs and a character that is bomb specced so will be no issue. Will report back once I have some results for you.


That would be awesome thanks. I tried searching for the information on the forums, doesn’t seem like it’s really ever been discussed.

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It was discussed along time ago. I looked for the reference also in discord but can’t find the chat it was in.

Blocks have different armor against bombs than they do against the “wrong tool” and also it varies between blocks and seams. Blocks have higher armor than seams though so if you’re just clearing that’s what you have to test for.

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Yea primarily clearing land.

From context I believe that was after the bomb mining changes and there are more numbers here. Armor discussion considers T5 in this post, offhand I’m not sure if impulse armor varies per level or just the standard block level:

I THINK this comment from jiivita indicates the same thing but breaks it down differently.
Also there is a spread listed in this old thread but the calcs it does are (I think) trying to find a way to do max bomb damage without breaking seams:

Ok just did some rough testing done… to one shot rocks on each tier world these are the damage numbers I required.

Tier 1/Tier 2 required 3750
Tier 3 required 5500
Tier 4 required 7200
Tier 5 required 10725
Tier 6 required 14190

Now this is not 100% accurate, but I tested by moving skill points in and out of bomb mastery to find the break point so it is quite accurate. The damage number refers to this number:


And to achieve the damage required for Tier 6 I also needed a strength brew (the damage increase from this is not shown on the weapon in game)

Anyway these numbers should be sufficient for you to figure out the optimal bomb type/devastating damage level you will require for each tier.


Did you do multiple tries to make sure it wasn’t critting?

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Bookmarked :+1: ty for the testing


I did, yes.


This makes sense and is in line with the formula above. I wasn’t sure where the “additional impulse armor” figure came from but he happened to use an amount equal to the tier’s regular block armor in the T5 example so I ran with that:

(3750 - 0)    x .5 x .75 = 1406.25  where T1/2 Rock HP = 1200
(5500 - 200)  x .5 x .75 = 1987.5     where T3 Rock HP = 1800
(7200 - 400)  x .5 x .75 = 2550     where T4 Rock HP = 2400
(10725 - 800) x .5 x .75 = 3721.875 where T5 Rock HP = 3600
(14190 - 1200) x .5 x .75 = 4871.25  where T6 Rock HP = 4800

This leaves it unclear whether there is any additional impulse armor on T1/2, the numbers still work. I checked reversing the formula, then ran it with the block health values:

1200 / .75  / .5 + 0    = 3200 dmg for T1/T2
1800 / .75  / .5 + 200  = 5000 dmg for T3
2400 / .75  / .5 + 400  = 6800 dmg for T4
3600 / .75  / .5 + 800  = 10400 dmg for T5
4800 / .75  / .5 + 1200 = 14000 dmg for T6
6000 / .75  / .5 + 1600 = 17600 dmg for T7
7200 / .75  / .5 + 2000 = 21200 dmg for T8

For the tiers tested these still come up pretty close to @wakeNbake’s tested damage values. So I ran @willcrutchley’s formulas for other block types using the numbers in @Pfiffel’s damage calculator.

For Soil/Sand/Foliage blocks and Plant/Fungus/Boulder meshes the site shows the same damage requirements. I’m not honestly sure if the impulse armor works the same for those as it does for the blocks, but a bomb at the surface would destroy them anyways by breaking the block.

800 / .75  / .5 + 0     = 2134 dmg for T1/T2
1200 / .75  / .5 + 200  = 3400 dmg for T3
1600 / .75  / .5 + 400  = 4667 dmg for T4
2400 / .75  / .5 + 800  = 7200 dmg for T5
3200 / .75  / .5 + 1200 = 9734 dmg for T6
4000 / .75  / .5 + 1600 = 12267 dmg for T7
4800 / .75  / .5 + 2000 = 14800 dmg for T8

Just for fun I also ran the seam values, reversing the formula provided for seams above. Rounded up the values are:

800 / .5  / 1.1 + 0     = 1454 dmg for T1/T2
1200 / .5  / 1.1 + 200  = 2382 dmg for T3
1600 / .5  / 1.1 + 400  = 3310 dmg for T4
2400 / .5  / 1.1 + 800  = 5164 dmg for T5
3200 / .5  / 1.1 + 1200 = 7019 dmg for T6
4000 / .5  / 1.1 + 1600 = 8873 dmg for T7
4800 / .5  / 1.1 + 2000 = 10728 dmg for T8

So according to that you’re going to destroy seams way before you even destroy the ‘soft’ blocks around them using a bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:

These are not tested values, just calculated after using @wakeNbake’s testing to spot check the formulas as given in the past.


Unforged silver bomb with 9 Power Damage Epic and 1 bomb mastery for 3240 damage does not one-shot T1 so I think there is something more to the formulae. Neither does unforged iron bomb with same skill set for 3600 damage.
For T3 I also ruled out Iron bomb + damage augment 3 + 9 power + damage epic for 5400dmg.

In general I assume the tested @wakeNBake numbers are accurate to <5%. In the case of T1/T2 they are good within 4% and in the case of T3 good within 2%.

The following suggestions for further tests assume 9 power and damage epic, no bomb points.
Someone could try silver bombs forged with lvl 2 dev. dmg. for 3725 dmg on T1/T2.
Diamond with minor strength brew and level 1 bomb augment for 7155 dmg on T4
Diamond with mega strength brew and level 1 bomb augment for 10395 dmg on T5
Rift with greater strength brew for 13975 dmg on T6

Basically to find what the thresholds are from both ends (highest damage that doesn’t 1-shot, lowest damage that does 1-shot)

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Interesting. Perhaps this is showing that there is impulse armor on blocks even at Tier 1 where there is no regular block armor.

If you can get close to the numbers for T3 - T6 and they’re functional that would be my assumption.

I only have the one comment regarding impulse armor to go on and the original reference was specific to T5.

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Well I’d say your still not at the amount wake said was required for tier 1/2

I went on to fuel portals today and I had some titanium bombs laying around.

Did confirm that 2100 dmg doesn’t one-shot T1 seams either so something is not right with that math.

I may be inspired to do more detailed testing later


Well I went with full bomb spec on t2 Kada with unforged silver bombs and 1hit everything every time. Silver bombs base damage is 1,350 but with full skills it’s 3848. On t3 it’s 1-2 hits. 1 hit crit or 2 hit normal. But like I said before, wake said it needs to be 3750 dmg(orange number) in order to 1 hit on t1/2. So I’m confused why you guys tried with less dmg

There are some formulas published a long time ago, and in an earlier post I applied them to the damage figures on the damage calculator. The numbers mostly came close to wakenbake’s results.

The blocks apparently have some impulse armor and this info isn’t listed anywhere that I can find so running the calculation for T1 with zero armor value suggests 3200 damage might do it.

It doesn’t so either the formula is inaccurate or there’s missing info, like some blast armor value.

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