Bomb Mining Nerf, Not all Doom and Gloom

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Which nobody with 30k coins needs to farm.

Edit, and once the markets settle, most will skip the grindy midgame by selling a few stacks of fiberous leaves.


I shouldn’t have to buy things to progress.


You dont have to now, but is an option.


And, if you are not part of the economy, bomb mining literally has 0 effect on you.


We’re not talking about bomb mining, we are talking about mat requirements


lol I don’t buy that “but economy” argument for even a second.

If you actually want to claim that centraforging is still midgame (which it is not) because you can buy your way into the gem stage, then literally anything in the game follows the same argument. just sell leaves!

edit: the point here isn’t that economy = bad. But we shouldn’t put weirdly high requirements in the progression line BECAUSE trade exists. the trade should be balanced around same-tier, different focus, type of trade imo.


On my phone, I cant even see what you are refering to.


nab an AOE hammer

They nerfed forging so you can’t make anything but the lowest-tier boon compound without 500 power. Forging is completely screwed as boon compound 1 is basically worthless.

There is no saving bomb mining unless you’re already late/endgame.


I had aoe iron hammers at mid game, so I don’t agree with you. If you want an iron hammer with 10x3 boons, then yeah, its not possible without power. Why do you need perfection in an iron tool? A 3x1 iron hammer is wonderful at early levels.

If you choose to farm everything yourself, that is your choice. I do it, and enjoy it. Unfortunately that isn’t what the game is going to be for most people that join from here on out. You don’t have to like it, but thats the way it works.

The devs dont contol the market, the players do. So I got nothing for you there.

Edited second paragraph.


You literally didn’t read what I said. Forging was nerfed to NOTHING above tier 1 compounds til you have large quantities of sapphires. That’s not mid-game.

If you’re going to disregard reality I’m going to disregard your input.


Sorry bud, I literally used level 1 boon to make my 3x1 iron toons to farm out diamonds before anyone in game had powercoils…so unless they just changed it, I dont know what to tell you.

Edit, i see what your saying and since you think the centraforge should give you god mode at early levels, I literally have nothing for you. Why should you get access to max boon before the grind. Kinda defeats the idea of progression if you just want max stuff right away.

Further edit. Gems are mid game. The rest isnt out yet.


Thank you. Someone who actually plays the game and tries to find creative workarounds. Rather than everyone else complaining without playing the game.


so high lvl players with access to diamond amd AOE are fine but low to med lvl players still on Iron and without AOE tools are the ones being slowed down. That really makes sense dev’s. good work.


Exactly! Very little effect on late game. Will crush new players ability to progress however.


100% agree. wont slow down late game players but will hamstring new to mid tier players.


Yea, it just all around sucks for newer players. Which is so mind boggling to me, because you’d think they’d be trying to gain players, and make the game enjoyable for them. Not confuse and make them want to quit because mining their first 30+ diamonds takes a week of mining. Just to be able to make some titanium tools. And then still they can’t forge anything decent because that requires more coils for a whole different machine, so you’re back to another week long grindfest of trying to find gems with your itty bitty hammer. Fun times.


agree, all they did was slow down new to mid tier players.


If you want to go at it alone, that about sums it up. But you don’t have to.
Keep in mind that most people that are now at mid-to-late game (mostly people from the headstart) had to do it exactly the same way that you’re complaining about, except avoiding participating in the economy was non-optional because no one had gems.

My first mass craft of diamonds was acquired mining on tier 5 with nothing but unforged iron hammers, same as you, so nothing has changed. If you don’t want to participate in the economy and want to solo the entire progression, that’s how it goes, and it was always like that, neither change affected that.

Feel that the grind is taking too long? Join up with other players, split the rough gems cost for a mass craft of compacted, and then split the compacted diamonds. Or split the cost of all mats up until the coils are made, and then divide the coils. Join, or start, a guild, or a city with community machines and coils. Talk to people.

All the grind is greatly diminished if you’re willing to be social. “But why should I be forced to interact with other players?” will be your next question, and you’re not. You have the choice of being social, either by shared effort or the economy, and skipping some grind, or embracing the grind and being entirely self-sufficient. It’s a choice, and if you’re unhappy with the one you made, you can always change your mind. You’re never locked at playing the hermit class. :slight_smile:


This is even less effecting than just hitting a few times with a 9 block hammer and more expensive. The bombs are pointless in the way you’re describing to use them. It would be much more efficient and would get more per hour just smacking it all with the 9 block hammer.


Have you figured out the numbers for a copper bomb + copper hammer?

How many rocks could you clear in that time if you had the copper bomb damage optimised so the copper hammer could 1-shot all the blocks quickly?

A max dex/hammer miner might be able to clear a ton of blocks, this could make Diamond Minin’ for new players easier.