Bomb mining? What Happened?

yeah, I might tinker and see if i can work crits into the sheet somehow… so you could take less +bomb damage and maybe have a weaker bomb for when the main ones don’t crit enough :thinking:

in my opinion, i think flat damage is better than relying on critical chance and be unlucky and always need an additional bombs or waiting till the blocks health regenerate.

Well that makes sense…
What about the resources? I was destroying those 2(ish) bombs before the rock. Would that be the same case or just my junky copper bombs?

that seems to align with my observations… while resources have 2x hp on paper… they seem to be a bit more vulnerable to bombs for some reason… making the “sweet” spot on bomb damage a bit narrower than it would be otherwise… figuring this all out is a bit tricky since we can’t see exactly how much damage we doing the blocks with bombs… so these are working theories at best :smile:

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Ok i just confirmed that while bomb mastery in all forms does NOT effect the tool-tip it DOES however effect how much damage they do so… yeah O.o

i have +2 bomb mastery, 6 power and 4 in the all attributes. Takes 4 copper bombs on starter worlds, resources act “normally”.

Because I’m crazy… i added a whole section for viewing the effects of critical strikes and the probability of getting 0-3 in a row as well as a skill/power calculator… also a section for viewing normal and crit damage for single bombs if you want to experiment with mixing types O.o

At any rate, it looks like with my setup it only took 2-3 crits to break the resources, but that it only had a 10% chance of happening :thinking: with some finesse you can get that as low as 1% (theoretically) by taking only 4 points in bonus attributes giving 172% bomb damage… that WOULD lower your luck a bit (2.8 instead of 3 drop modifier) which i don’t like BUT i also don’t like having a 10% chance of losing resources for the round ><


Awesomesauce! I’ll check it out in the morning, im too tired to try any calculating tonight :sleeping:

What setup do you use for T5 if you don’ mind me askin’?

I’ll just stick this here:

Theoretically(i havent progressed far enough to test it) if you have 8 power and the dmg multiplier epic and used gold, sapphire, or ruby bombs you could three shot rocks on t5 planets.
Edit: with gold being the “cheapest” of the three that’s what i’d reccomend

I can use 4 iron bombs with 8 power/x3 power epic and it’s like 80% effective.

Wondered if there was a better combo for copper/iron bombs.

i think the issue is the crit chance the more times you bomb something the more often it has that chance and if it crits near the end of the health meter, poof there go your resources. As @willcrutchley posted, resources are more vulnerable to impulse dmg, so its a fine line we walk

Originally bombs were not for mining I thought. They were for hunting. But it was well noticed that bombs blew up the blocks so much everyone went mining with them. They added the block resist later so the bombs wouldn’t tear up the terrain so bad on a hunt. After that no one used bombs for mining anymore.

They didn’t work as well, and their durability is the lowest in the game out of all the tools or weapons.They also cost 5 times as much to make than iron tools with rarer resources. It’s also why there is almost no healers in the game, and the reason I made a thread about healers. Bombs need balancing bad.

You are correct, bombs are considered to be a weapon. However, they are great for mining too.
Perhaps too good. So good that at times they outweigh hammers, which clearly shouldn’t be the case.

I suspect that the intention with this change was indeed to make bomb mining impossible by making resources break too, and I suspect that in the future bomb mining may just not be possible anymore, but as it stands it still is.

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Probably, once we have access to fully forged gem hammers, things will look different

They sucked for mining months ago. Actually it may have been the very next update after bombs were introduced. They just cost way to much to use for mining. But even more so, which is what I am trying to light a spark for something to happen. Is that they cost way to much to use as they were designed for, as a weapon or healing.

At least with tools and bows, you hit the object 99% of the time. Bombs do not go where you want half the time unless your dropping them in a hole. And they only have 99 durability. I dropped one bomb with this patch, and durability dropped to 97. So they are using 2 durability per use for me. I can’t afford to make and use them myself. So my healer is going to have to just sit on the bench for now, until there can be some balancing

Using more than one durability must be a bug.
Also, surely using bombs as a weapon is very similar to using a slingbow?

You need to know the game better, i can tell you that bomb mining is the most powerful way to mine in current meta.

I use silver bomb for yesterday, the result is following:
1.5 hr : 180 diamond + 250 around hard Coal + 250 around Titanium
4 hr : 180 Sapphire + 120 around Topaze
1hr: 180 Silver

The only thing you need to do is calculate the damage by skills and which bomb you should use.

For skill you should test for bomb damages are:
Bomb Mastery / Bomb Epic / Power / Damage epic
Those are the factor that affect bomb’s damage.
(The best way is you can destroy the rocks and still leave the green hp bar on the Metals or gems)
In this case when you crit, you won’t destroy the metals.
I think your case is ur damage is either too hight or too low.
This is the direction for you to fix it.

Titanium bombs forged for max range (4m) and +172% damage (8 power, damage epic, bomb epic, 3 bomb mastery, and 4 bonus attributes iirc)

Theoretically it can only break Resources with three crits which only has a 1% probability of happening… that 5th point in bonus attributes makes it possible to break Resources with only two crits and jumps the probability of it happening up to 10%… huge difference for just one point!