Bones / Fossils as a Resource

…Okay, forgive me, it’s totally photoshopped…

Buuuuut listen to the idea:

Bones as a mineable resource

There isn’t really much to it – what if you could find bones as you dug around in the dirt?? And then use those bones for crafting?? Bone weapons, bone amor, bone arrows, …bone couches…

I’m just saying, would be fun, and would probably fit in the world of Oort pretty well!!

Other thoughts
• Bones get better on higher tier worlds
• Killing mobs gives a chance for bone dirt to spawn where they died
• Titan Bones as a highly sought-after commodity



I would think that they wouldn’t be AS noticeable in the blocks as those :stuck_out_tongue:
Also adding to this is that the bone texture could appear randomly on any side of dirt or stone found deep underground.
Of course, there should be some microblock-like items like free sitting skulls or rib cages found among the world :smile:


Having some fossils or some single bones left by hunted animals sound good, but having skulls or ribcages lying around seems a bit to creepy if the game wants to be child friendly. I heard the same arguments when I suggested blocks made of bone and flesh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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lol, no no no no. You’re thinking about like, skeletal remains and mass graveyards and creepy halloween stuff. I’m thinking about this:

Un-identifiable giant monster remains, NOT human remains


I ment the last point of @Cyanizite with the idea of micro block skulls or cages :wink: … Of cause fossils would be great :ok_hand:


This is a cool suggestion. Games which have fishing have rare fish but in a game where you mine the earth have you ever seen one where you can find rare fossils? Based on the picture, I would also like to see large fossils which maybe take time or teamwork to excavate.

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FOSSILS yes that’s the word I was missing!!

Oops. :sob: Sorry.

Except fossils are not bones
they are rock
and not a particularly hard or tough rock

Actually that is not true fossils is a very wide word used about both stone and biological leftovers like bones.

‘‘Fossils (from Classical Latin fossilis; literally, “obtained by digging”)[1] are the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms from the remote past. The totality of fossils, both discovered and undiscovered, and their placement in fossiliferous (fossil-containing) rock formations and sedimentary layers (strata) is known as the fossil record.’’


  1. Geology. to convert into a fossil; replace organic with mineral substances in the remains of an organism.

Hence ROCK
But a buried bone isn’t the same thing as a fossil – to become a fossil, the bone has to become rock. The organic parts of the bone, like blood cells, collagen (a protein), and fat, eventually break down. But the inorganic
parts of the bone, or the parts made from minerals like calcium, have
more staying power. They remain after the organic materials have
disappeared, creating a fragile, porous mineral in the shape of the
original bone.
Other minerals reinforce this bone, turning into a fossil.

Dictionary disagrees so does the unversity student i talked with yesterday…

Any remains, impression, or trace of a living thing of a former geologic age, as a skeleton, footprint, etc.

Why is everyone posting definitions about real fossils?
Nobody knows if the bones of Oortian creatures are also based on carbon.
What if their bones are based on silicon? For example silicon carbide (used in ballistic vests) or calcium silicates (similar properties as modern concrete).
EDIT: Or since this is a fictional universe bones could also be based on Oort dust which properties no one knows at this point.
Boom all those arguments about decay and organic fossilization are invalid.

BTT: I really like this idea but i don’t know how some bone daggers will fit to the “techmagic” style elements of Oort
What if bones(bone dust) are ingredients of potions and other alchemy stuff (if something like this is going to come) instead of being a material for weapons/decoration


yeah bones are pretty neat, it highly ties into this (sorry for posting my own topic)

but bones would be really good in case we have ‘‘realistic’’ drop. a game like ‘‘the repopulation’’ creature drop meat, hide and dna samples (for gene splitting, forget that)

but the more logical things we can add in crafting the better we can make the loot system :smiley:

Well I personally thing this is a splendid idea, I’d love to hunt for fossils of long lost creatures.
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could find different parts of a full skeleton and maybe, with the right technology, could reanimate the creature using it’s DNA. Bring an ancient creature (or plant) back into the world, it would make finding all kinds of fossils rewarding and fun, giving you a goal to strive towards. Perhaps you could also have the fossils on display, make your own museum.

(may have jurassic park on the brain)


Your dictionary definition doesn’t say anything about the material those remains are made of
thus it disagrees with nothing
and you want me to take the word of some random student over everything I’ve ever read in my whole life about fossils?
pah :smirk:

given previous troll comments you have made. i would take his word over yours anytime,

but it is fine, if you believe that it is nothing but rocks then so be it :smile:

Like you have room to talk

Maybe. but again, we should talk about the actual system and not the official definition, as was mentioned they might have been made by magic dust xD

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Well the fossilization process is one by which sedimentary minerals leach into the structure that remains from decayed bones
there’s no reason those minerals couldn’t be something like Oort Shards or some exotic metal

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