Boon Removal guard

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In Centraforge
Can we get a system to block the removed boon from appearing after you just removed it with boon removal solvent?

I find it annoying that a certain boon i dont want appears 10 times in a row.


This is profoundly frustrating to me! Please, for the love of Oort, fix this.


Anyone know if percentages are equal for all boons in the same category?
I tend to do a lot of Tool forging with Special and Effect types. I have to say that after making around 100 tools I either have very poor luck or they are not equal. With Special I get Magnet and AoE at close to 50/50. With Effect the Hard Hitter boon shows up far more than Devastating Damage, at roughly 2:1.
I find Hard Hitter to be not useful and this one frequently shows up over and over when using boon removal.


Best way i’ve found to overcome that in my experience is to try to forge that boon first - add 2 effect gums and a compound of your choice (my preference is draining boon 1), and if you don’t get it first try, deconstruct and retry until you do - helps save vigor to get better forges, and is much cheaper than using transmutae.

That being said, i do find some boons seem to appear more often than others. When using special gum on slingbow you should have a roughly 1 in 4 chance of getting multishot, but it feels more like 1 in 8


There only two boon with special gum so you’re more likely to get the one you want 1 chance of 2 and effect have 3 boon so 1 of 3 to have the correct boon.


Some reverse gums could be nice too. Instead of making traits more likely, they make them very unlikely. Also, the problem of recurring boons could be dealt with just by making the last one impossible in the next draw.