Boundless 1.0 Release Date - Announcement and FAQ


Yaaay! Great news!)
Abiut wipe - maybe you’ll leave us our levels at least?
Start from 0 is so… I dont know…



As in, a melee weapon?!! FINALLY!

The golden fist is a short range grapple, apparently - So can this be used as a proper weapon also? And will it have tiers like everything else? Because you mentioned the “Iron Fist” and “Golden Fist” only, which sort of implies that it will be exclusive to those types?

If you can’t tell… we really, really want a melee weapon. So badly. Please, just make this fist weapon “effective against creatures” and let us whack some spitters!! yey :smile:


AMAZING NEWS!! Congrats to everyone whose build made it in the trailer!


Congratulations wonderstruck team!
Really exciting that it’s happening so soon!


yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaw!!! Finally it’s coming!! woohoooo! ^^


doesnt sound cool enough how about club prestige :smile:
gleam club is used by kardashians hahaha
and btw do ya know this :smile:


Once we stop selling the backer perks then @Steggs101 will be in touch with everyone to complete the backer perks: collect names, collect messages, design worlds, collect addresses, etc. Some of the perks will be in game on launch day (plot bonuses, exclusive tool, exclusive weapon, etc) but some will come online once they’re ready. We’ll make sure that it’s super clear so that no one is confused about what is going on. But we didn’t want to start the process of completing some of the perks until we’d stopped selling them.

Yes. We’ll continue to balance before, during and after the launch. Keep the feedback coming.

:baby: :baby_bottle: :champagne: :clap:


YAY cant wait for release! Awesome job Wonderstruck!

I have one small concern. I am confused about the Digital Deluxe version vs. backer tiers. Do i have to buy the game again to get the new version?? I am like the idea of the Gleam club, auto refill beacons? yes please!

(Wow, September 11th release date? That is a sad day here in the USA but at least now I will have something happy to focus on for that day)


I do have a question, and I apologize if someone already asked it. Computer is mia and I cant look through all the comments.

For those of us that have higher tiers of backing, we are suppose to get additional keys for the game to share with friends and family. When exactly do we get them? Will it be on release date, or at the same time that the new universe is made?

I did read that PC players can start to play the moment the new universe is made. So just want to know when those additional keys will be handed out.


ha ha ha lol


And I’m… not in the trailer? I thought everyone liked that thing? Wow. :disappointed:


What was yours? There was a lot of footage that we didn’t use for various reasons, but that’s not to say it won’t be used in the future.



It was in @Jiivita:s unofficial trailer :slight_smile:


You may say, @Ingvar, that everyone liked it, unofficially. :wink:




aqua was not in trailer but my house in chiseltown made the cut yay
need rewatch trailer to see if my turret made it in steampunk :smile:




I’m a backer, how do I make iron fist? Thought we had to wait for 1.0 to access that?


It sounds like the Iron Fist is the backer exclusive weapon =)