Boundless 20% Discount - Steam Autumn Sale

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Hello everyone!

Steam’s Autumn Sale is underway and for a limited time we are putting a 20% discount on the Original and Adventurer version of Boundless on Steam.

If you already own Boundless but you’d like to upgrade to the Adventurer version you can do so on Steam and receive a 20% discount on the upgrade.


What was that 67.5 mb update? :smiley:

oh btw i never realised there was an adventure pack dlc, what is this for? only the world builder, eh?

This add-on includes:

  • World Builder - Immediate access to the world editing tool
  • Exclusive Title - Receive an exclusive “Adventurer” title in the full version
  • Exclusive Items - Craft exclusive weapons and wearables in the full version
  • Reserve Your Name - Reserve your username before the full version is released
  • In the Credits - Have your name appear in the credits in the full version
  • Original Soundtrack - Receive a digital copy of the original soundtrack when the title officially launches
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Do early backers from the oort online website have that already…or?

The perks are based on the your backer level and they should be the same between Oort Online and Boundless.

thanks for clearing that up :smiley:

Are you playing on testing or live?

Awwww man I bought this for my mate yesterday was still at 26.99 lol never mind I’m not bothered in my mind it’s worth the money :slight_smile: I will have to upgrade though that’s tonight’s job

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I am playing on live

I see, James just posted the update here:


cheers :smiley:

wait, adventurer edition is cheaper than regular version?

It’s a DLC. You need the regular version first.

ohh ok so thats the extra cost to upgrade to adventurer. got it :slight_smile:

Can I also get 20% off on upgrading to pioneer?


Finally bought this game yesterday. I’ve been following of this game since april 2014.


nice! I’ve been following since December 2014. it was a lot different back then… I picked it up on the last sale and couldn’t be more pleased. I haven’t touched minecraft since.
I also just submitted my first review ever! :boundless: :tada: