Boundless Automated!

So this has been brought up before, and there are those out there that want to see redstone type systems implemented in Boundless, but this is an idea I have for how to holistically create an open ended automation system.

1. Conveyor Blocks
These blocks move anything on them in one direction. They require spark to operate, and the more spark they have being input the faster they move. Conveyor Blocks connected together all share spark. There are normal and sticky versions of this block. Sticky conveyor blocks simply cause whatever they’re conveying to adhere to the surface regardless of orientation.

2. Solar Block
These blocks generate spark whenever they are within a light level above a certain amount. Gleam should be able to cause this to work. The more light the more spark is generated. Generating spark causes this block to heat up which can cause it to break if allowed to overheat. Laser Blocks act like Solar Blocks, but rather than generating heat and spark, emit a beam on the opposite side from the light source that damages and destroys blocks.

3. Capacitor Block
This block stores up to a certain amount of spark or heat. The amount of spark/heat stored within the Capacitor slowly decays over time. The colder the capacitor, the slower this decay. Spark/Heat can be siphoned from a Capacitor and delivered directly in to another machine/block.

4. Cryo/Thermo Block
This block generates heat or cold to blocks it touches when fed spark. The amount of heat/cold generated is related to the amount of spark.

5. Dummy Lure
A two meter high block that looks like a citizen and draws hostility from mobs. An upgraded version of this dummy can even agro passive mobs by zapping them with irritating, but harmless, zaps.

6. Expand-o-Block
This block expands and retracts based on whether hot or cold. This expansion can push blocks aside, or even cause a jam if a passage is too small.

There are many other blocks that could be added to this to do various things, but ultimately the idea is to keep things open ended and to provide blocks that have effects without inherent purpose, because then you can do anything with them. I’ll add more to this list as I think of them.



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I don’t see the points 1 and 6 happening ever. I don’t think the game engine was built to have that sort of features. Boundless isn’t meant to be like Satisfactory or Factorio or whatever.

Point 5, I’m up for that.

Point 2, 3 and 4 are interesting ideas. I understand that the point of these 3 would be to have a spark-self-sufficient build, without the need to farm for coal. As much as I would like that, I don’t know if the devs or other players would agree, because it could disturb the economy if nobody buys coal anymore because most player don’t need it.

The system actually shouldn’t be a replacement for coal, but more about moving spark/heat around. Keep in mind, essentially every part of this requires spark input, so it’d be really hard to overcome the input need and provide a surplus afterwards.

I’m a huge fan of automation. I hope at some point in Boundless’s life we will get the chance to see such a system designed.

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It’s not meant to be factorio, it’s just what can we do to add more life to the game. I think being able to create sprawling automated systems could open up a world of creativity for folks. The game is a bit too static at this point.

I am a huge fan of this idea. It feels very Factorio inspired.

Could you imagine building legit mines? With legit factories? And people going down to the mines and bringing up their loot and ‘selling’ it to a conveyor someone has put down with a price theyd accept? Or maybe it’s a universal conveyor that could have individual branches so it’s serve many people.

The catch would be the conveyor would have to be built within x distance of a city or outpost or what have you. Then once it got to the city, the factories would start production.

Maybe a bit too complicated and complex but it sounds cool! Til then I guess we’ll just keep using a conveyor made of oortians :joy:

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Considering we’re supposed to get placeable water and lava, we should be able to create really dynamic setups with just a little bit of help!