Boundless Automation (and switches)

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I was going to post this in wossisface’s wishlist, then realised it’s better off separated. This has also been brought up a few times:

I think a lot of those are quite grand in nature, but my thoughts are that even my simple thoughts on this would still be absolutely hellish to code.


So, I genuinely think that switches, and things that can be affected by switches would be a good thing, but almost one-hundred percent would be completely hellish to code.

What’s worse, that they would be even more hellish to implement into the current UX/UI whereby it would be easy for people to understand how to do it, and what level/abilities they’d need to do it.

I don’t think, though, that it’s totally out of the realms of possibility, though.

Speaking of UX/UI, I’ll mention that I’ve tried to get on with Space Engineers, and it’s frankly a ■■■■■■■ mess. It’d literally be easier to learn JSON (which is bizarely easy - and I’m ■■■■ damned stupid!) and do switches that way, than to do things the way SE does things, but they do have pretty curves and half-bevel/slopes.

Anyway, I dye cress, and I’m not advocating JSON as the route.


Create two(ish) things:

  • A SWITCH block.
    Literally, a block with an on/off switch on it. Perhaps allow it to be different colours dependent on materials used, I dunno.
  • A STATE block.
    A version of an existing block with the ability to assign a label that allows it to be referenced to change its state from 1 to 0.

Start the automation at this simple level, and perhaps put a lot of caveats around it:

  • Gleamclub Only
    Restricting it to gleamclub would perhaps drive up more GC subs, and also give a really cool benefits for joinging.
  • Special Skill Only
    Ensuring that on top of GC that one needs to spend 5 (10?!) points on a new, special, skill to be able to do any of this.
  • STATEs Can Only Be Forged
    Making it so that STATE blocks must be forged, and at a high cost (materials, time, etc) will ensure that this doesn’t get abused, and drive the game engine crazy.
  • Limit Per Settlement
    Create a limit of STATE blocks per settlement, again for the sanity of the game engine (probs), will hopefully limit abuse, and encourage creativity.
  • [maybe] Negative Prestige
    Simply put, any automation creates some medium to heavy negative prestige that is proportionate to your prestige level, and land owner (overall), to prevent people using this as pay to win, and to encourage usage only for those that really want some auto light-switches. Also, could help lessen the strain on the engine some more.
  • [maybe] Connected / Max Distance
    Perhaps also either make it so SWITCH and STATE blocks must be connected (and powered?) by wossitcalled thingies, or perhaps have a maximum distance for any wireless communications.

So, if the game introduces it with two very simple blocks that have clear 1/0 options:

  1. A door
  2. A lantern
    No, not gleam.

That’s it.

If it works, and it takes off, then future updates can expand it (hell, even introduce multiple switch options - if 1 turn on label1 - or something?) but don’t get too deep at the off. What matters is the code be as simple as possible, and scalable, and won’t hurt other ■■■■.

So the upshot of the first implementation of this would be that if you activate the switch, then the STATE that it’s linked to will change state. A lantern will turn on/off, or a door or trapdoor will open/close.

I genuinely think if it’s kept that simple, then we, the people will find our own ways to make it complicated :wink: … and that’s just fine.

I mean, a few of us have made switches, anyway … but … it’s a bit inelegant, isn’t it. :slight_smile:

I do just think that a way to control lanterns (not gleam), and doors/trapdoors, with a switch, would be an awesome place to start with “Boundless ‘automation’.

In the future, once it’s been ironed out, then, yeah, perhaps the more advanced automation ideas can come in. Like if there was proper pooling of liquid you could have a scenario that when liquid reaches the top of a forged “liquid level door” then the door opens. Or simply, liquid hits door, door opens.

Imagine the levels of creativity we could reach with this.

It could perhaps also save some of the elements that some players find “boring” … I’m not exactly sure what, but eventually perhaps some machines have simple functions, and this could work out for them. For example, ‘vending machines’ … Years down the line, in its maturity, perhaps it could allow users to create an on/off for a stove, then when someone puts money in a thingy, the stove lights up (with materials gathered by the owner) and cooks some glass from the silty and sand inside it. It would save mindless machineering by the owner. :slight_smile: Sure, the buyer has to wait for an in game notification that their glass is ready, but … still … someone has had less to do. :slight_smile:

Anyway, as always, just a suggestion, and as I said at the start (and within) a probably very silly one due to the annoyingness of the coding it (and the UX/UI of it) would probably require.

As such, since it’s a suggestion, and not a literal “this is how the game should be”, I will unsubscribe from all notifications on this, as I’m literally just suggesting it, not wishing to have an open discussion.

In the even that it’s even remotely thought about for inclusion, I absolutely revert any/all rights to the dev team (as I’m sure is written in to the “suggestion terms” anyway) but would also happily consult via PM if required.


I think this is one if not the main problem with automation. It would have to work as complex blocks to avoid performance issues.

And it’s quite a tricky problem because some of us maybe ok with a limited quantity of automation blocks but other will be very upset for having limitations on their creativity.

Nice to see Cuetz still lurking.

I’d like to see state changing machine similar to what we can to with change chisels. It can be something similar to the Spray Tinter.

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Ooh, and something like terrarias wire system to tie everything together. Get rid of spark link entirely

Please don’t automate to the point of re-creating the horror of real world economies of scale inside Bondless. Once people can mod they’ll have free reign to fly any way they like.

I’d be happy with more machines to do stuff for us. A machine that can pre-chisel shapes in large quantities, for instance. Something that you place a block on, chisel the block how you want it to look, fill the machine with a stack of blocks you wish to chisel then start the machine going.

Love the idea. Just not the gatekeeping through gleamclub. That would make boundless a pay to win 100%. Make it difficult yes, make it cost irl money no. Otherwise really well thought out!


I know, I know … but I needed to find as many ways as possible to make it exclusive as all ■■■■.

I’m not gleamclub, and I probably wouldn’t go gleamclub even for this … but equally, gleamclub essentially means nothing but emoji’s, easier fuelling, and paint jobs. It’s got to have some value somewhere.

Equally, I don’t see it as “pay to win” as it implies that it’s somehow winning to have this stuff.

Tell you what … would something like having these put in means that you get quite heavy negative prestige, work? That way you really have to want the automation to do it. It would also stop those who want it just to “win” … right?

Negative prestige should be a thing, actually … that could really help with regards to people grief-plotting.

Is that a phrase? No? It is now.

Grief-Plotting - Guh-Ree-If Ploht-ihng - When someone places a mass of plots next to your build to be an ass.

((( i know i said i’d not come back, but i was bored, and needed the endorphines, or whatever that thing is )))

Exclusivity like this drives player bases away in mmo’s. I get it but is a bad bad idea to make it exclusive to only those who pay.

Actually even though there is no “winning” involved it does still fit the “pay to win” definition as it gives the player an advantage over others for money.

pay to win is when a player can use money to get an advantage over their oponents, advantages like extra armor, more money, better weapons,etc.

The automation is clearly what would make it “pay to win” at the end of the day because it would give players the advantage of producing more, faster and without near as much machine effort as those who couldnt pay. Then if it can be used for light switches, elevators, mine carts etc. that further gives the player an advantage because those design features would offer additional prestige.

No because then no one would want to use them. If anything they should add 0 prestige if attached to automate machines. If used as light switches, elevators etc then it should add prestige as it adds to the complexity and diversity of the build.

If this was to be a thing I would attach it to the forge and make the crafting process several layers deep and resource heavy in cost to keep it from being overused or spammed. Maybe even a skill that gets unlocked as an achievement.

Great idea just payment barrier is bad especially like I said when other games similar to boundless offer it included already at no additional cost.


This is actually already a thing with plot compactness. Once your plots are below a certain compactness then prestige begins to drop thus reducing your footfall payout and eventually rendering your prestige no longer valid because your plot compactness is below a certain point. Resulting in 0 coins per visitor until you fix your plot compactness.

This seems to have reduced the plot griefing to almost 0. So there doesn’t seem to be a need for another deterrent in relation to grief plotting.

Then it can’t be used to automate machines, then. Simple fix.

No just don’t put a payment barrier on the feature. Automation is very much needed so just because it shouldn’t be only accessible by paying for it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist.

Why do you want it so hard for people to obtain? What is your reasoning behind the logic that people should pay for it to get it? Not being dense, genuinely curious here.


thank you
if we suggest this 200 times maybe they listen
we almost there :smiley:
just the GC limit is bad i think
alot off people without GC are the people who are most creative and will help the game out more using these things
and creating gameplay for others


Reminds too much of Minecraft and in my opinion would destroy the charm of the Boundless.

pressure plates /switches /game mechanics are from beginning off times and have been in almost every game
i was pushing plates in the 90’s while playing prince off persia why does everything needs be compared to minecraft boundless took there concept and improved on it just like minecraft took other peoples concept is like game essentials since the beginning its like saying you can have a shooting thing ingame cause commander keen had one first :smiley: its a sandbox game


Well said! @the-moebius