Home Automation in Boundless

I am very new to Boundless and may have not seen all features (started with the adventure package) and also have not read the all threads…

But while building my first small “residence”, digging a lot to get blocks, searching for all variants, and then do some really trivial house building, I came to a few ideas (I am sure that I am not the first one):

  1. I - in IRL - did some installations for my house with home automation and when I will start my own house / world in Boundless, it would be FUN but also nice to have

    1.1 sensors (buttons, proximity sensors…) which could be blocks or a “property to some block”
    1.2 actors (lights, state displays for open closed etc, locking/unlocking of doors, trap-door?)

    sensors could be linked to actors to allow “Open” / “close” of a door, switch on/off lights etc … lots
    of things come in mind. Proximity sensors could indicate presence of people, animals …or trigger

    1.3 CERTAINLY I would like to have “camera blocks” and then “monitor screen blocks” :slight_smile:

    The discussion of griefing shows that we may like the idea of “home security” … I am not asking for
    sensor-controlled cannons or electrocuting fences !!! Notifications and/or flashing lights, sirens are a
    nice starting point.

  2. OK, then my next topic: “movable/moving blocks”, as I need an “elevator block gadget” in my house.
    moving blocks again could be a property a another block (for a platform…) or an own craftable block.
    Each block attached to this root block would then also move when the root block moves. Movement
    itself might be done using the “sensors” described above for Up-Down, Left-Right… or we get the
    feature to “SCRIPT” block behaviour, to move blocks in pathes, circles , form basement to top level
    in my house, etc, etc.

  3. I am quite sure, that we finally would need a “home builder app” which is similar to the world build, but
    only working with smaller environments inside of a world or for craftable gadgets which can then used
    in a world.

A lot of my ideas could be fit into a editor and display similar to the world builder as “linking” blocks and
behaviour as well as defining events and actions , either statically or scripted is hopefully matching with some existing features or functions.

How do you thik about this bunch of BIG wishes?


Cant really answer but i think boundless wont be as technological

I think the machines update and props will eventually provide all if those things and more.


I also hope and think there will be a lot of machines an automation. But I doubt most of it will be part of the game when 1.0 hits.