Boundless Fortnightly

Oh my, it’s been a while - almost 2 months actually :open_mouth: (I had to check the last episode posting date - otherwise I could swear it was a month only…).

Well, here’s the newest episode dealing with the cycle of comings and goings and some new projects and events, where @Orrian, @Helmut and @MrsStar make appearance by name and in person (in some cases). I show off what little I did in Boundless myself as well.

To make it up to you for the delay, I made it longer than usual. I usually don’t go beyond 12-13 minutes (ish)… this time you get 17 minutes to watch… well, a bit over 16 when you exclude the usual intro and outro :blush:
Enjoy :grin:


Another good edition. Glad to see it back!


Good stuff @boundmore
Love the videos.

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Thanks for the shout out. Heads up they are not separated by region on only wish! :grimacing:

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Thanks for Visiting and showing the Farms :grinning:

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That was my first (and wild) guess but in general I wasn’t too sure whether there is a key behind the order there… :blush:
Is there a key?

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Always ready to trump a champion :grin:

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No key. I have some 2x8 portals hidden which made things a muck. I plan on fueling most of “those” at least myself to lessen the burden.

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another episode is out :smile:

a lot of The Future, a brief look into the past and present doings of myself and other peeps (@StormyClouds, @Tomir, @HOST and a few more are mentioned and/or appear in the video)…



Can’t watch it. The video says private. :cry:

Weird… one moment

Should be public now.

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Ooh, my name was mentioned. Watching now

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Random bits of gleam here

They’re not random :sob: They’re all sorted by color and then by adjective modifier

boundmore buys all the teaching pies

It was you!!! I was wondering who took all those awhile back!

Haha, thanks for visiting my base though. Was cool to see.

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apologies for my ignorance :laughing: