Boundless Glyph fanart by me

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I just started (and finished) these two small paintings today, I thought someone might like seeing them here!

This is the public post I made of them on imgur. You can see the process there. :grin:

Edit: forgot to include the gif so you can all see the effect of the iridescent paint on the original colour scheme one:


I thought I’d update this rather than making a new post.

I made this one today, this glyph is present in the Inventory menu, at the top (I actually only realised after making my sketch).

I wanted to use some iridescent paint again, but I also thought it would be nice if I could give it a sort of rocky texture and some notion of volume.


this one is my favorite so far :sunglasses:


What other glyphs or boundless inspired stuff would you like to see made?

you could try letters - some of them are quite nice patterns


clan logos once they are implemented! i’ll buy it on DA!


I’d be happy to do something like that too. I don’t use dA anymore very much honestly. You can check the website on my profile if you’d like any commission stuff done though.

Very nice. I especially like the choice of contrasting materials !

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Edit: Added a new image, where I’ve also worked on the painting’s highlights a bit.

Reworked the highlights to give it more volume/depth.

Old post

This is the old picture

The colours were chosen by suggestion, and so I decided to use those browns and purples to make something like Igneous rock. The green is iridescent like the orange in the last one.

A bit cloudy over here at the moment, so not really a great picture… Will replace it when I can take a better one.


Necro! Because u did, I never saw this thread before, and i think an umbris level reward box would make for a sweet painting in your style if you ever return to small canvases!