Boundless Halloween Week - 25th Oct - 1st Nov


Spooky seeds are already reported in the world resources tab under places, at least since the update made this page useable again… this is a good place to look for any inside information as it has been there for a while for all to see.


Seriously, what Aridhol said. A constant influx of events in games like this add so much to the game and the community.


i’ve came by your build about a week ago with a friend and, we were starring at it for 10 minutes… this is GREAT work! i love it!


Awesome. Thanks for swinging by. Sorry if you tried talking to me and I didn’t answer. My touch pad on my controller was messed up. I had to take it apart and fix it. If you’re ever back and have blue or hot magenta gleam I’m always looking to buy for this build and my other one. :beers:


One day before Red Dead. What are you people doing to me? Am I not allowed to sleep?


Time to get me them skulls


Well darn, timing sucks for me. I am going on vacation from October 27th-Nov 1. sigh Oh well.


Just a hunch, but I bet bones and a few other things may be involved in crafting these


I know right! My body isnt ready, but it has no choice.


Lawl I guess I am lucky I don’t play those kind of games :slight_smile:


I play many games…too many games…poor, neglected Spiderman…


If you are not able to get any keep me in mind I’ll hold some for you, I dont believe anyone should miss out on the joy! Have a great vacation!


@Steggs101 Are the seeds only going to drop during this event or will we be able to get them after the event?

Just a little curious on this cause of how much time I am going to have to play during that time.


It gets worse becuase Fallout 76 comes out in about 3 weeks. With the lack of sleep and sunshine between all 3 I will start looking like a ghoul myself.


Only during the event it looks like


Yeah that’s what I am thinking too. I might have to focus on playing a little more on getting the seeds so I can make enough stuff during halloween events next year or any horror events that I might host myself. I don’t know. lol


I appreciate that :smiley: It is okay, though. I will have two days when the event goes live to get stuff; hopefully that is enough time.


yes! i was hoping for something like this to happen :slight_smile:


@sparklepuss same here, will put down a 5% for you hehe


Excited for the first event! The skulls will come in handy for decoration.